Norway: liberal conservative government bond repeated

Norway: Liberal Conservative Government Bond repeated

The store building in Oslo. Photo: John Erling Blad. License: CC BY-SA 2.5

Grune wanted to set the ol- and gas requirement within the next 15 years

At yesterday’s parliamentary election in Norway, the governmental principality of Minister Presentess Erna Solberg together won 88 seats in store, the Norwegian parliament. Three more than an absolute majority is necessary. Before the election surveys had predicted a scarce result.

All four bundry parties lost, however, Voice Shares: Solberg’s Conservative "right" ("Høyre") Bubs 1.7 points on now 25.1 percent vote share. Instead of 48 she has now only over 45 seats. the "Progress party" ("Resource"), which often compared to the Easter-Rich FPO, but an economic-liberal course ride, lost one percentage point at now 15.3 percent, which means a loss of a seat to now 28. Also the social liberals "left" ("Venison") With now 4.3 percent and eight sit about a point and a mandate worse. A deputy more had to be represented with only more eight deputies in parliament "Christian People’s Party" ("Cristel Folkeparti") Provide whose share of votes by 1.4 points to 4.2 percent now. Christian Democrats and Socialists had no ministers in the government, but a majority arance agreed in parliament.

Social Democrats lost even strongly as a conservative

The opposition social democrats is still lost stronger than the conservatives: 3.4 points at now 27.4 percent and six of their previously 55 seats. The grunnings with whom they wanted to rule, with 3.2 percent below the four percent hurde and thirst (as before) only a single deputy send into the store. They had threatened in the election campaign only to support a government if they adjusted the ol- and gas recovery in the North Sea within 15 years, which in the past decades allowed the establishment of an almost trillion-heavy state fund, which for each of the 5.3 million Residents about 200.000 euros aside. The Left Party "Sosialistisk Vengestreparti" won 1.9 points at now six percent and four to now eleven mandates that are still left "Redden" ("Rødt") Created a mandate.

To grow 4.8 points to 10.3 percent now the EU skeptical farmer party "center" ("Senter") who is no longer sitting with ten but with 18 deputies in parliament. The former Minister of Agriculture Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, the chairman of the center, but had opposite Solberg’s plan of a reform of the territorial corporations and required that Norway renews his premium with the EU to remove disadvantages. According to the emeritized political scientist Harald Baldersheim, according to the Universitat Oslo, after the election, Brussel prere is also expelled to others to others – but in a different direction. So far, the country is not a member of the EU, but – as well as Iceland and Liechtenstein – member of the European Economic Area, the free trade rules of the EU.

CO2 avoidance VS. Save and education

Solberg’s Social Democratic Challenger Jonas Gahr Støre domed his defeat and congratulated the Ministerial Prospidential Principal Presenter, which has been amorted since 2013, to her new victory. Norwegian media had accused of millions in the election campaign, among other things, to have avoided tax payments in Germany and not to consider the ethical criteria in its private investments abroad, which is imposed on the Norwegian State Fund.

Solberg itself now announced: "We got the support for four more years because we delivered the results we promised." In particular, she referred to the relevant positive economic development, which was no self-consolidation insofar as the country important OL prize in recent years was much lower than earlier. Now the Minister Prospidential wants to further reduce taxes and resume public expenses.

On the other hand, the Social Democrats had been annotated to deleted tax relief and subsidizing companies with the additional income, which invest in CO2 avoidance. Støre had therefore painted on Youtube Mannchen, Building and Cards, which should print his concern about the climate, which Solberg symbolized their own goals with a treasure of treasure and a school.

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