No sex!

This is now also valid in the US for scientists who apply for research funds

Good times for holy warriors. Bad times for humanists. At the beginning of the fundamentalist balcony, which the American leadership is about to drove, the virginity is. Already several conferences of the United Nations remained fruitless because the US with sexual abstinence of national and international politics.

Abstinence should be made worldwide to the heart studies of sex education, even in the fight against AIDS should not anymore "Safe sex", but "no sex" be proper. And the propaganda has already taken. More and more young girls in the US want to wait with sex to marriage and protest against the right of woman to decide for an abortion. Surveys show that young people in such questions are already much more conservative today than ten years ago

Organizations that benefit condoms in the fight against AIDS must be their financing fears. On the other hand, money fell to the ultraconservative groups and organizations that "Abstinence only" (and the emphasis is on only) wrote on your banners. Abstinence Financing is also a way to add to reactionar organizations public money. as "Jerkless Anti-Gay and Anti-Safe Sex" Report critic the views of the self-retirement "Mituhuhling Conservatives" Bush on AIDS. Of the "WE’RE Waiting"-According to philosophy, homosexual women and men, since the marriage is not allowed, had to wait for their lives for the first time.

"No sex" – According to a report in the New York Times, this is now also for scientists who apply for research fees ("Certain Words Can Trip Up Aids Grants, Scientists Say"To). Certain "Keywords" had to disappear from the creation, the researchers have been warned, words that mostly circulate controversy topoi such as AIDS and other sexually transferable diseases. They are the prints "Sex worker", "Manner sleeping with manners", "Anal intercourse" and "Needle exchange" underneath. The researchers preferred to remain anonymous. Officially it is not that the onset of "daring words" Beuffed, but employees of the National Institutes of Health who also wanted to remain anonymous, indicated that the applicants are suggested in spoken, so-called "sensitive" To avoid printing. This type of political control and censorship should be much rigid under the Bush government.

A researcher who applied for research funds for a study on the prevention of HIV in prostitutes was advised the word "Sex worker" to replace an euphemistic expression. Another researcher has been instructed to collect the consporation of his application "clean", So you do not have words like "humid", "homosexual" or "transgender" contents. Contribution that contained these or similar words were automatically sorted out – and probably locked in the poison cabinet. The scientist is now a reasonable course, as he is to describe a project on HIV tests in gay manners without coasting them in the collapse.

"When humans are shaped and start to seize their language, then the spirit and science descend", commented. Alfred Summer from the Johns Hopkins University these dangerous bumped mails reminiscent of the Taliban regime.

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