Newspaper: other us investigations in the exhaust scandal

Volkswagen could threaten in the exhaust scandal further Arger in the USA. The investigations of the Ministry of Justice had been extended to the suspicion of bank fraud and possible clarification against tax laws, reported that Wall Street Journal On Tuesday, citing inaugurated sources. The application of an actually provided for the financial industry Law Konne for Volkswagen to mean additional punishments.

The investigators prefers to review whether lenders were dangered by manipulation of Volkswagen at car financing. Affected vehicles with superhoused exhaust values were originally marketed as environmentally friendly and have significantly lost due to the affairs. In addition, it is intended to investigate whether Volkswagen is liable for tax credits, which have received US car houses for the supposedly low exhaust exhaust exhaust exhaust. A spokesman of the Ministry of Justice did not want to go on demand. A spokeswoman of Volkswagen just said that the company will continue to cooperate with all relevant US resistances. The Group threatens a punishment in double-digit billions through a civil lawy of the US government.

The new investigations for bank fraud show the Wall Street Journal According to the first time that the US is based on a law developed by banks developed by banks outside the financial industry. Thus, "the legal theory against a not particularly obvious to the most populous limits was stretched," quotes the newspaper the Columbia Legal Professor John Coffee. The Law of 1989 was used mainly as part of the 2008 financial crisis to better account for major banks.

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