Newspaper: new opel astra convertible should be built in poland

The German General Motors subsidiary Opel will build your art astra convertible in Poland according to a newspaper report. So that the Bochum plant exercises empty, writes the Handelsblatt (Monday) citing group circles. But the board did not decide on the production order. An Opel spokesman did not want to confirm the information on newspaper demand.

The Polish location Gliwice is one of the most productive General Motors (GM) in Europe and is significantly favorable in production as the German works due to low labor costs, the newspaper continues.

The new Astra Cabrio is expected to come to the market in 2013 and is developed by the supplier Magna. The Canadian Easter Supplier manufactures numerous models on behalf of manufacturers, such as the Mini Coutryman for the BMW Group. Magna wanted to take Opel in the course of the insolvency proceedings of the US mother, but was ultimately empty. The process model of the Astra Convertible was manufactured in Antwerp. This work has closed Opel as part of the renovation course.

Hope can be the Bochum plant to the Handelsblatt According to part of the production of the next generation of the short-handed railing wagon Antara, which is to be built for the first time in Europe. Bochum, according to works council Rainer Achkel next to the Opel Zafira, need a second model series to make the work better.

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