Newspaper: china wants to bring about 2012 cars in europe on the market

China, according to a newspaper report with foreign help cars, also wants to build cars for the European market. The Chery Chery has been with one of the well-known industrial conglomerates of Israel, the Israel Corp., together, reports the Financial Times Germany On Tuesday without specifying sources. The cars of the Canadian Easter Supplier Magna of the approximately the railing wagon Mini Countryman or the classic Mercedes-Benz G-Class should be developed.

Already in the next year, the production of three models should start in China, writes the sheet. For example, vehicles are planned in the size of the Skoda Octavia, which should be exported to Europe. Officially, the joint venture CQAC did not want to act on the newspaper against the project. "We are still to plan the announcement of our brand," quotes the FTD a corporate speaker. This should be expected in November. According to the website, Israel Corporation stop 30 percent of Better Place, the company of the Earlier SAP Manager Shai Agassi, who wants to drive electric cars with exchange batteries. The Chery Quantum Auto Co. (CQAC) attends to half the Israel Corp and Chery.

The Chinese state government has led the car industry as a strategic industry and urges western manufacturers to cooperate with domestic providers. This raises the Chinese a technology transfer. At the same time alternative drives are particularly focused, because a mass motorization of the Chinese population had serious consequences for the environment and not least on the price of old.

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