New free fonts in macos catalina

New Free Fonts in Macos Catalina

In the current version of Macos 10.15 ALIAS CATALINA are several fonts that are not automatically installed – although this is worthy goods. Like the font blog has discovered, there are at least nine fonts of well-known studios. Among them are TypeJockeys, Sudtipos, the Klim Type Foundry, Commercial Type and Mark Simonson.

Which fonts there are

Canela (16 Styles), Domaine (Six Styles), Founders Grotesk (17 Styles), Graphics (18 Styles), Product (Eight Styles), Proxima Nova (Zwolf Styles), Publico, Clean Script and Quotes Caps. These are these when in Catalina the system application writing collection Alias Font Book.

At the time you click on "All writings", To display all existing fonts. When scrolling, the fraudulent fonts are noticed. On the Mac you get them by clicking on the right upper corner of the preview "Download" (Download) clicks. The fonts are then loaded after a further confirmation click (which fills for the next time) and automatically installed and are currently available system-wide.

Not only Latin letters

In addition to these fonts, all of which are in Latin letters, there are also a number of other fonts from many language families that Macos Catalina does not automatically install it, but can be downloaded. An overview of the total typographical possibilities offering the Mac operating system lists Apple in its support area on the Web – including the current version numbers.

There, the process of subsequent download will also explain again. In addition to the installation of the font collection or font book, it is also possible that individual apps require fonts. Then you will be downloaded and installed directly in the program.

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