New debootservideo calls for the troops of the troops from afghanistan

What the Iraqi debuts and the GIMF Auber search for public attention really survey, remains foggy

Punctually to the departure of the German Tornados to Afghanistan, who serve after repeated and therefore not more credible arance of Defense Minister Jung only the explanation, but do not want to be involved in the points of attacks, the remuneration of the two German hostages in Iraq have again published a video. For the Bundestag Debate on the expansion of the Iraq war, the first video was from the group "Arrows of righteousness" put into the net. One day later, a video was allegedly produced by the global Islamic media front "Voice of the caliphate", with the title "A message to the governments of Germany and Austria" published in which the trigger of the troops from Afghanistan was demanded and threatened with striking in Germany or Austria (Germany arrived at war?To).

Now the GIMF seem to be a group that is suspected in Germany and / or Austria and the primarily German or German. English translations of videos Islamist terrorists manufactures and spreads in the network, and the "Arrows of righteousness" To cooperate directly. "The second call to the German government" In any case, was from the "Department of foreign languages" The GIMF, as it is coarse-acting, translates. The GIMF, possibly only one one or two man-man-operation, wants to continue to profiling in the German-speaking area, which gradually also by the dissemination of their "Publications" has reached. This may indeed help that the media and political success – the reflexic reactions of security politicians can wait – could lead to an enlargement of the response, which in the "war" like to play a role and finally want to find attention for attention.

In the video goes again Hannelore K. The people in Germany in German to help them. They had to live only a short time. "Please, does what, help us", she says repeatedly among wines and suggests, for example, to turn to newspapers or organize protest marches. In the evidence of the debuts instructed by the debugers, it is for example, that Germany and Austria were safe until they were in one with the Americans in one "Teufish coalition" had justified. The camera is, during the Hannelore K. speaks, usually directed to her son who tries to preserve attitude in this gum’s and cruel acting attitude.

New Debootservideo calls for the troops of the troops from Afghanistan

While the exposite was primarily appealed to compassion due to the personal destiny, the Embassy deployed by the GIMF contains the demands and represents the relation to Austria, as the woman is one "Head of the Easter Rich Embassy in Baghdad" has been. It is apparently about Sunnis, because the son is called a criminal because he has worked for the Iraqi Dome Ministry under the Maliki government. Next it is, the debuters had demanded the deadline for the German government again by 10 days again – but the first deadline was not exceeded without further response by more than two weeks – since "they have seen that the German people started reacting to react, and it starts to understand that the use of his troops in Afghanistan, he only becomes disasters." Since the video contains no dating, it could be old. The German translation of the text is not very good.

Required is again to deduct the soldiers from Afghanistan. That makes it clear that it is probably certainly about a political commitment and not on loose money, but not a realistic achievable success. The appelles of Federal President Kohler and Aufemister Steinmeier are full and did not give contact. The debuts were allowed to know that Germany, at least not in a short time, will back up his troops because of the two hostages – and could not do so at all.

If she had a little knowledge of the mood in Germany, they also had to realize that the criticism of Afghanistan commitment with the posting of Tornadoes has risen, but that the fate of the hostages obviously does not really move people here. Unlike similar falls in Italy or Great Britain, the conflict between the government and war opponents with hostages is not in Germany (yet). The good knowledge of the political situation in Germany seemed to be a good knowledge of the political situation in Germany and therefore does not really exist in debtors and GIMF. If they were well acquainted in German politics, it was likely to have been more effective in their senses, the guidelines of the German government that the Tornados can only make a declaration work and have nothing to do with war attacks.

What the debuts really survey is still unknown. The game with the deadline extensions can not continue endlessly. Do you think you were able to win after the terrorist logic and gain media attention if you have the hostages dead? Or count on further development to gain in concrete negotiations? Strange is also that the video was published only after the Tornados have already been sent. Had the hostage hands really want to influence that had happened to this happen.

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