Neckline of an islam skin reality

Neckline of an Islam skin reality

Khadija Mosque in Berlin-Heinersdorf, District Pankow. Image: Ceddyfresse / Common-free

According to the Federal Government, the number of surpasses falls on mosques. But the attacks on Muslim community life go beyond the official information

More clearly one can hardly express contempt. 50 Koran ies found the operators of a Bremen Mosque destroyed on the ground of their mosque. The Holy Book of Muslims – torn, stuffed into a toilet and defact them. The pictures from the Al-Rahma mosque made recently for much emport. Nationwide reported media.

The Bremer CDU condemned the act as "degraded". The spokesman for the Federal Government showed emport. And the chairman of the "Central Council of Muslims", Aiman Mazyek, talked about one "new dimension of perversion".

But new was the grossly public interest. When the day the windows of a Kassel Mosque were thrown in the day, this was only in the local press. Even as a week before a mosque in Monchengladbach pork head and animal blood landed, the emport was left. Just like the arson attack on a mosque in the North Rhine-Westfalische Hagen three days before.

Attacks on Muslim community life are everyday in Germany. The forelection ranges from verbal infiltrations and written murder threats on racist graffiti and separated pork pace to thrown discs and fire stress: "Practically daily" Let Muslim attacks be exposed to the Bremen Islamverband explained "Schura" after the attack on the "RAHMA MOSCHEE". But from most attacks on Muslim community life, the public does not get anything.

Official numbers: only one cutout

The desinters already begins with the officials of the crimes. For a long time, the Federal Ministry of the Interior refused to detect Islam-like offenses separately in police crime statistics, as is the case for example, for example, in anti-Semitic activities. Only after years of criticism through victim protection organizations and Islamic association was in 2017 in the category "politically motivated crimetate" The subcategory "Islam skin" added.

813 Such Islamophobic surprise has paid the Federal Ministry of the Interior in 2018. 48 offenses account for the target of attack "mosque". Most recently, the forelection has even fallen according to information from the Ministry of the Interior. In the first three months of 2018, 196 offenses were recognized against Muslims and mosques in 2018, it was only 132 between January and Marz 2019.

But there are doubts about the significance of the necessary. According to the attacks on mosques, the Federal Ministry of the Interior pays no attacks on the attacks on mosques "Equip religious expansion" and "Mosque clubs". What a mosque should be other than one "Establish religious expansion", could not bother me nor mosque representatives.

Just as little, what the practical difference between one "mosque" and one "Mosque club" is where almost every mosque in Germany is organized as a club. How many of the approx. 2.500 places where Muslims meet regularly for prayer, have a chance of being considered by the BMI is unclear.

Therefore, representatives of Islamic organizations have long been throwing the Ministry of wanting to keep the true emission of the attacks of artically low and with the statistics more likely to disguise as an explanation. Such a payment of the Central Council of Muslims came to more than 100 attacks on Mosqueemids for the year 2018 – more than twice the official numbers.

On demand, a spokesman of the Central Council explained: "For the taders, however, it does not matter if you attack a building with dome and minarets or a mosque club house. Their motivation is Islamophobia in both cases. This circumstance must take account of the official numbers."

"Many Islam-like offenses are not reported"

One thing still has a thing in the statistics of the Ministry of the Interior. Only in very few cases comes to investigations and convictions due to Islam-like offenses. Most offenses remain comfortable. For the first three months of this year, 123 officially recognized Islam-like offenses are not a single arrest or condemnation against.

This in turn has the consequence that many attacks are no longer reported to the police, reports, among other things, the Berlin network against Islamophobia Claim. Also in relation to the current figures of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, this criticism came back. In an opinion on the publication of Islam-like offenses for the first quarter of 2019 writes Bekir Altas. General Secretary of the Islamic Community Millî Gorus (IGMG):

In most cases, the victims of Antimusus violence already receive a message of the prosecutor’s office after a few weeks that the investigation was discontinued. This not only leads to suspension of those affected, but also that crimes are no longer brought to the display.

Bekir Altas, Millî Gorus

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