Nato sets russia ultimatum

NATO sets Russia ultimatum

Test committee of an Iskander M in Marz 2018, SSC-8 (Novator 9M729) should be a modified Iskander rocket. Image: mil.RU / CC BY-SA-4.0

Russia still have one "last chance", To comply with the INF contract, which only infringes Russia, but not the US

In October last year, US Praisdent Donald Trump had already announced that the USA from the 2021 outgoing Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) could get off one-sided. The 1987 closed contract prohibits floor-studded missiles and march aircraft short and medium range of 500 to 5.500 kilometers and thus benefited Europe.

In the 1970s, the Russians with the SS20 medium-range missiles that had a range of up to 5000 km, after the NATO double decision in 1979, Pershing II (reached to 1800km) and Tomahawk marching bodies (range 2500 km) were stationed in Western Europe. As a result, the threat of war grew enormously, but above all the Europe’s ranging, which Americans cared primarily around the long-distance missiles and the submarine weapons and bombers came with nuclear weapons, in the Salt-tolerated the grounded short and medium-range missiles were not an ie.

Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo had described by NATO General Secretar Jens Stoltenberg, just at the beginning of December Russia set a two-month deadline to hire injuries. It is all about the march air novator 9m729 (SSC-8). Now the General Secretar of NATO threatened that Russia had the last chance of reapping the INF contract, although only the US is a contracting party with Russia. NATO also published a joint explanation, the conclusion that only Russia has violated the contract

For a long time, Washington Russia throws a violation of the agreement with new medium-range missiles, but also with the development of drones and a new landscaped system for medium-range missiles. Under Barack Obama, Russia was accused in 2014 after Ukraine conflict, where it was already listed in the Pentagon to relocate new nuclear weapons to Europe. The conflict around the agreement is further back. Russia had already threatened in 2007, even under Prasident Putin, once again from him, because the United States after the unilateral rezug from the ABM Agreement 2002 with the following planning of surfaces of the missile repellent screen at the Russian border were injured the INF contract (US missile defense system splits Europe and load conflict with Russia).

NATO sets Russia ultimatum

U.S. Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System Romania. Here Tomahawk missiles were also shot down. Image: dod

As a reminder: Ronald Reagan has already considered the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) to get out of the ABM agreement. The original missile 3 (SM-3) missiles used for the AEGIS system have a range up to 900 km and were stationed in the Romanian Deveselu Military Base to bring the Kill Vehicle into the room. 2020 If the propulsion point of the missile defense shield should also be completed with grounded SM-3. Of the launching ramps used MK-41, the art SM-3 block Iia-missiles can also be shot down with a range of 2500 km and Tomahawk march flying corporations, equitable with nuclear thumbscocks, also with a range of 2500 km.

There are no new US missiles in Europe

Persistently the NATO had always scored that the missile defense sign is also directed against Russia. Even now Stoltenberg again emphasized that only the Russian side were injured the INF contract with the grounded SSC-8 or 9M729 missiles, while the US and NATO had always kept the contract. In spite of years of inquiries, Russia has not informed anything more precisely about the missiles, but further developed and tested. Even before the transparent seemed argument, no new missiles have been brought to Europe, with the launching facilities for medium-range missiles, the General Secretar does not shake back:

Russian violation of the INF Treaty undermines the basics of effective weapons control and undermines the security of the Allies. This is part of Russia’s wider behavior pattern intended to weak the whole euro-Atlantic security architecture. There is no doubt that the US is fully fulfilling the contract. There are no new US missiles in Europe. But there are new Russian missiles in Europe.


NATO calls on Russia to urgently encourage and preserve the INF contract in order to threaten that the NATO member states have undertaken the "Strategic stability and the Euro Atlantic Unity". Compliant must be compliance with the contract, so the SSC-8 system is terminated or the missiles comply with the demand. Russia had only ared that the rockets had not been tested for the range 500-5000 km, which is why they did not represent injury. There are the good floars that NATO exist to prevent conflict and preserve peace: "And we are looking for dialogue, not confrontation with Russia. We do not want a new wet trust. We do not want a new Cold War." But you have to prepare for the time after the contract, ordered Stoltenberg dark.

NATO sets Russia ultimatum

NATO General Secretar Stoltenberg: " Russia Now Has A Last Chance to Come Back Into Compliance". Image: NATO

This can or will mean that new medium-range missiles could be relocated to Europe with nuclear printers to Europe and also to Germany. In 2016, Washington – but in front of Trump – was confused, for hundreds of billions of dollars the nuclear weapons – also in Germany – to modernize (Back in the Cold War and atomic Wettrust).

Jurgen Trittin commented to Stoltenberg’s exercises well realistic: "WELCOME TO THE 80S: #NATO GeneralSecretar @Jensstoltenberg does not take # Nachrustung – say new atomic missiles in Central Europe."

However, there is still a possibility if there are actually readiness on both sides to save the INF contract if both Russia and the USA inspections were allowed. TASS reports that such a thing will be considered in the US government, even if you can not imagine that this can be a realistic possibility. So Russia was able to get the opportunity to check the land-cast Aegis system and the modification that no Tomahawk missiles can be shot down, while Americans received the possibility to inspect the 9M729 missile system to ensure that his reach Treaty not injured.

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