Much homeoffice in federal ministries – “maximum prasential reduction”

Much HomeOffice in Federal Ministries -'maximale prasenzreduzierung''maximale prasenzreduzierung'

When working in the HomeOffice, the Federal Government is progressing with a good example. In many federal ministries in Berlin, there are hardly any officials or employees to be found in the buildings – the home office quote amounts up to 85 percent, as a survey of the German Press Agency revealed.

Reduced to the necessarily required MAB

Thus, the Ministry of the Environment of Svenja Schulze (SPD) is currently valid "a maximum prasential reduction", How a spokesman said. Of the 1187 employees, more than 80 percent of at home were able to work. Before the pandemic, it had been a maximum of 15 percent.

Similarly, it looks in other houses. So it is called in the FRANZISKA Giffey (SPD) family ministry, at the time average, less than 15 percent of the 911 employees in the service buildings were present in the day. The Prasence is "on the basis of the required MAB" reduced. Mobile work and home office were also possible and established even before the beginning of the Corona pandemic in almost all areas.

In the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Peter Altmaier (CDU) work a spokesman for less than 20 percent of the 1880 people on site in the Buro. "For systemically relevant functional staff, special organizational regulations such as commitment or change-team models were taken to reduce contacts in the ministry as far as possible." This is also available in the other resorts.

Similar picture in all ministries

In the Federal Ministry of Finance with Olaf Scholz (SPD) at the top is also appealed to the 2222 employees, astelling mobil to work – 80 to 85 percent of the duty make this loud speakers. In the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs of Hubertus Heil (SPD), which pays 1184 worked, a spokeswoman is the announcement, "wherever possible the principle "Stay at home" to follow." Technically, this could have up to 100 percent of all workers with Buro work straps – "Significantly over 80 percent" also worked from home.

On a home office quota of 80 percent comes the Ministry of Justice of Christine Lambrecht (SPD). "Currently, just 95 percent of the approximately 930 procured on a mobile work equipment", says a spokeswoman. Of the 1510 employees of the Ministry of Transport with Andreas Scheuer (CSU) at the top are according to speakers 1450 (around 96 percent) so that they can work from home. Including the holiday and illness due to average 75 percent of all employees in the home office.

The Ministry of Interior conducted by Horst Seehofer (CSU) also calls a home office quota of 75 percent among its approximately 2300 employees. In the Ministry of Education with around 1250 employees, for the Anja Karliczek (CDU) is responsible, it is called: "Contemporary moves the prasence in the low double-digit range."

Not available everywhere

In the Ministry of Agriculture (1064, CDU) conducted by Julia Klockner (CDU), all employees except for exceptions such as drivers and messengers are technical for home office. They were recommended, "to make use of this possibility in a coarse way". A statistic, how many worked things do not do it, did not say a spokesman. The same is from the Ministry of Health (958 worked) from Jens Spahn (CDU) to Horen. But there is also point out that all the places suitable for mobile work are also equipped accordingly.

And how does Bundesprasident Frank-Walter Steinmeier look like? According to a spokeswoman, each employee and every employee – it is about 200 – technically designed for the HomeOffice. The changeover is already done more than a year before the beginning of the Corona Pandemic. "The Federal Praised Office is thus leading among the top federal agents." In view of the infection events, employees are also encouraged to use this possibility, which is currently principle of everyone.

So far, the Bundestag administration is not yet available with its approximately 3000 employees. About 1870 of them is it in principle possible to work out of the home office, a spokesman said. However, technical equipment is currently enough for about 75 percent of them. In short but more laptops should be provided. Then the quota should rise to about 86 percent.

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