“Mr. Bush has said very positive things”

With Steve Ballmer and Microsoft in the common internet future

St. Gallen, Thursday, the 26. October 2000. I FuHLE FUHLE ASPENSION IN THE NETWORK. As if thousand bwer and lawyers were delighted at the same time and then were silent. Not only "as if". It too, because we are at the most prestigious economic college in Switzerland. And you expect Steve Ballmer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation, who is to give a speech about the future software of the software guide. He is one of the most powerful manner of the most important industry of the information society. He is the successor of Bill Gates, the richest person of the planet. He enters the bean. The hall is silent.

Steve Ballmer, rhetorical whirlwind

Ballmer begins to illustrate the uncertainty of the industry. He is paid by Wang and Digital Equipment. Fort are you! Microsoft could at any time A similar destiny, if you did not act fast enough. It is already it that it was more profite again in the business than internet fantasies. It’s about the realitate. And the realitat is called Microsoft. His voice is surprisingly high, almost creepy. He makes movements with his arms that have shown him a damn good rhetoric trainer. His clothes reminds me of the bank employees – Pullunder of my Lower Bavarian homeland. Unfortunately, the guy fascinates anyway, because he is alive. You do not look at the colorful PowerPoint presentation behind him, but on his kinkblight face. He runs around on the bean. He slips his notebook. "I Love Personal Computers!"

He has in common with many successful managers from the Anglo-American culture: he can talk and people for winning. One of the main reasons for the current projection of Americans in many areas is the rhetorical agility of their elites. That does not come from about, but is systematically demanded at the universities of age. Anyone who has ever participated in a meeting of a debating society, knows why Americans can sell ideas better and why ENGLAND governs the pop culture. At German universities: frontal lessons and collective doses in seminars. Our people talk and move accordingly. It’s just the consciousness that shapes that.

Ballmer talks about .Net (say: "Dot Net"), the new strategy of Microsoft. It’s about transformation to gross change. It would not be great if we could simply take all information objects so and integrated into our own syndems? With drag and drop? It was not much better than all these common (and mostly Unix-based) technologies like – he says as if he was talking about the already slightly smelling cadaver of a bag rat – HTML and CGI? We were able to do in ten years not possible Still building websites with the primitive funds of today! HTML is only the image of information. XML but may be the information. Microsoft therefore relies on its .Net strategy on XML.

Microsoft had managed to put a computer on almost every desk. Now the rest of the world is tuned. Ballmer wants to talk to his TV:

"I want my TV shout at: Hey, Bill! Have you just seen the pututt, the Tiger Woods has just made? And my TV will think: ah! Natural language! Who does he mean with ‘? Ah! Bill gates! OK! How do I achieve Bill? Ah! Bill is golf! Ah! Bill likes news from Steve! And in Bill’s bag will be a thing that says: (adjusted-dark robo voice) Bill! Did you see the pututt, the Tiger Woods just made?’Is not that beautiful? Is not the technology?"

Internet, Broadbaand… Everywhere! And especially: "No restrictions!" The hall rows. Father will appeal to a young woman from the audience Ballmer on it, whether confidence is the most important thing on the internet. He will answer that that really is. That was stupid with Outlook and the viruses. Therefore, there will be software in the future, which asks if the user familiarizes the manufacturer of the software. There is already. We trust her?

It is not the hardware, but the software that the next generation of the Internet was Prage. All business processes were penetrated by the IT. "Ability", So the reliability and other things, was from "Agility", So speed, retright. The speed of sweeping the speed of reiterating the bluescreens and female: the man is right! The information revolution was also captured the universities. Traditionally one had under "University" Presentation and Prasenz lessons understood. The universities should be aware that they work in the information business. People wanted information in a variety of lifestyles and various places. And they became Tele lessons and "Real-time learning" to ask. Microsoft was helped institutions such as Carnegie Mellon to adapt their business models to the Internet Age. Universitat is about information. Information is business.

With .Net was delivered to Microsoft a middleware that can run both on PCs and on servers, in televisions and also outside in the network itself. It has been the best aspects of browser and PC application and unite it. Until the time has been, but were still passed by the four years. Ballmer challenged: If Microsoft towards this turn .Net and thus the re-defining of the Internet was not created, then the company Wang and Dec into nothing. "That’s why we are at Microsoft straight a little bit nervous!" he says. Again, he churched XML. "These three letters should know each one!" There were standards in every industry for how companies organize their information. The company’s authorities were forced for the first time to understand a little of technology. There was standardized representations in XML for all elements in the business process, from the invoice to the aircraft flight,. Information objects, ie.

Ballmer makes all the CEOs and Dot-Coms just as funny as the business-to-business delusion. At a meeting of fleet of international industrial starters, which took place in May in Seattle, Bill Gates had attacked the present Big Shots with the question:

"Who will own the XML schema for your industry? The market? Or you? And all these CEOs have said: I do not know…I do not know… Bill said then: If the market has the scheme, then that will pull out the whole profit from the industry. Every bit of profit… will suck out of you! Because they have a natural tendency: their profit is your loss! You will make more money, you will make less money. These are proprietary formats! These can be patented! the can obsessed will."

"Our first child will not be left when we bring new children to the world"

There are still far too long to develop an application. In the future, that was going faster. Thanks to Microsoft, of course. It’s that all in the future have been received exactly the information you need to do your tasks. Microsoft is currently only in the midfield of internet technology. Ballmer asks how many people in the hall were used the Internet Explorer as a browser. Only a few hands go up, Ballmer is shocked. The poor guy does not know that at the University of St. Gallen exclusively Netscape over the standard installation is available. Professional, which he is, promises to the people free IE CDs and continues to run that in the USA allegedly 77% of all e-commerce websites were running on Windows platform. Man’s good there in the competition with Sun and Linux. How many people use in the hall Linux? A professor in front of me and I lift the hand. Allegedly, we have been the only ones in the hall. But it was not minded, Ballmer says there .Net on all possible platforms, including Linux, was running. At the same time, however, he was very important that it continues with Windows. Microsoft could not give up Windows Windows.

To the question from the audience, whether Microsoft with .Net did not be able to cannibalize his core business, Ballmer answered, it deals with .Net not just a paradigm shift in Microsoft, but an extension of the core business from the PC to other device classes. "I am Kuhn enough to say that the PC in the next ten years will remain the most important final device for access to data." Given the dull gren-rolling mobile device boom, this statement is slightly reminiscent of Bill Gates’ tinkered 640 kilobyte-should-be-enough-for-everybody saying. "Our first child will not be left when we bring new children to the world", Ballmer calms the PC Group. People clapping enthusiastic applause. He is valid Ballmer’s presentation technology or its dominance plan?

Further interim question: How to stop Microsoft with security on the Internet? Ballmer speaks for mutual trust:

"They must promise to users, disclose what they do with their information and what not. And then you have to stick to this agreement. There are regulations and all that. But when it comes to trust, it is most important: if I say that I will not use this personal information for marketing purposes, then I will not do that either."

You have to take care of the users opposite and honest. Read My Lips: No fine print. At that time, Microsoft has not needed when the update function of Windows 98 under hand has been subjected to information to the control panel of the software manufacturer.

Finally, the Gretchen question: How do you think about politics? "IS IT Important for Microsoft, Whether Bush Or Gore is Elected?" Ballmer:

"Our dispute with the government is now at the courts. Our dishes are not influenced by the respective prasides. That stands in our longitudinal thing, so I ame that’s the way. Basically, the answer so says no. On the other hand, we do not want more problems… Above all, we do not want new processes… I will personally be elections, as it is private. But I know that MR. Bush has said very positive things that support us, and that MR. Gore did not like the same. Do not put it on the internet."

"Unfortunately we can not do this, MR. Ballmer."

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