Motorway toll: “a historic milestone”

Motorway toll:'ein historischer meilenstein'

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Transport Minister Dobindt reacts to critics

On the day after his toll negotiation success with the EU Commission, the German Transport Minister Alexander Dobindt saw some criticism exposed. The "Traffic" According to a SZ report, the CSU politician contributed yesterday that nothing has succeeded as that "Groomed upgrade for the infrastructure that has ever existed in Germany".

The motorway toll policy under a series "historic milestones", DOBRINDT. For this he drove the highway toll the expansion of the truck toll on federal hubs, a significantly higher traffic set and the new regulation of the traffic suscation for the landing. the "Norgler" (SZ) should be silent in view of these dimensions. The EU also directs its views of Greater Horizonte: The German regulation is intended to prepare the way for a pan-European concept of freeways.

Resistance of EU states

Until then, there are still some resistance to be cleared, as seen in the reaction to the agreement between the EU Commission and Germany. What in the explanation of the Commission as "Just and non-discriminatory toll" is designated and the infringement procedure against Germany until further notice "to ice" has pushed, is different for the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Danemark differently.

The Netherlands, which even do not charge any bonds for the motorway use, think about a lawsuit, explained traffic minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen on Thursday evening in Brussel. The other countries mentioned are on the cant, they were able to follow, so Schultz van Haegen. The Osterreich Association OtC reed his own complaint before the ECJ, if the government is not in Vienna.

The Landers argeway that the discrimination of motorists from other countries continues to exist and only veiled in the superpendent design from the Ministry Dobrindt.

The fact that EU Commission Prosident Juncker has allegedly offered Merkel against to force the negotiations and that the former toll opponent accepted the offer, because "They assay it as a payload with the sister party CSU ", does not necessarily make the German motorway meter for the mentioned countries more attractive.

DOBRINDT: Not "so much" Lunder literacy for Austria

Dobrindt Council Osterreich to more serenity. He does not have "so much meaning" For the criticism from Austria, after all, German motorists have paid completely self-resistant to the Easter-rich toll for years.

However, not only critics are to be convinced in neighboring countries, but also in Germany. Two gross questions have not yet been answered in the last. DOBRINDT uses you only allegations. This is once the question of whether the toll expects economic. On the other hand, the question of whether on German motorists really no additional burden.

Revenues had to exercise the effort associated with the toll, which MUSSE Serios are calculated, calls for the association spokesman of the German car trade. Similar is to horen the political opposition. The grunn comes the objection that the burial costs could be so high that they could even surpass the revenue.

DOBRINDT does not affect this according to SZ report.

He relies on 500 million euros a year, but expects in four-year legislative periods. Already so from the 500 million, sometimes four, smooth two billion euros. He was, said Dobrindt on Friday in the Bundestag, "surprised how these sums do not roll anymore".


Also from the Saarland becomes "genoya". There one expects different, namely with harmful effects for the economy in the border regions. Any form of the motorway toll is one "Barrier for customers from France or Luxembourg", So the worries from the retail trade and the industry and commercial chamber.

"No additional burden for German motorists"?

More problematic for Dobrindt and the CSU are other concerns: whether German car owners have to be more invigorating through the toll. It is clear that the EU Commission accepted the overarched law, because it is clear that the German car owners "exactly" to be relieved in the vehicle tax so that they have no additional effort through the toll.

First interpretations of the design Mutmatten that the new design only relieves the car holder, driving pollutant cars, "All others have to change". To the trat Dobindt. "There is no additional burden for German motorists", He often repeats this sentence in the past. Even now: "There will be no additional burdens for domestic motorists", he asserted on Thursday.

With precise calculation examples, however, the claim was not underpinned. She is a promise. At age vehicles, tax cut and toll was not allowed to compensate quite, skeptics already suspected in November when the compromise design was known.

DOBRINDT has not yet been discussed on this concrete point. So the skepticism remains if his promise also stops when the toll is first introduced.

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