More than half a few million rejected asylum seekers lives in germany

For the CSU, the rejected the state on the nose dance, for the AFD the constitutional state is allocated

New excitement over escape, which causes a small request of the left. After the Federal Government, over half a million rejected asylum seekers continue to live in Germany. By contrast, until July 2016, only 13.000 escapeons that were not recognized, deported. Generally it is called that the half of the immigrants are not recognized.

Nearly 550.000 rejected asylum seekers who had to leave Germany, continue to live in the country, so the Federal Government in the answer to a small request of the Left Party, which has tuned this just the image newspaper. Most come from Turkey, followed by Kosovo and Serbia.

More than half a few million rejected asylum seekers lives in Germany

The AFD jumps up quickly.

406.065 or three-quarters have been living in Germany six years and long. Halft has a permanent right of residence, one third of a temporary. In view of the low deportation numbers, something in principle does not seem to work. This is most than certain things "tolerated" Or have a right of residence, so do not keep illegally in Germany. Just once 53.000 people have to leave without a toleration. With the escape wave 2015, however, the numbers have little to do, even in June 2015, the number of rejected asylum seekers was nearly 540.000. So probably the numbers are still increased

Who never for sharp demands embarrassed boss of the German police union, Rainer Wendt, speaks of one "Reflective deportation industry", he "Ladest and organizations like per asylum" accused.

There is little surprising also the CSU. Ex Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich says: "Who allows for rejected asylum seekers to dance to the state on the nose, destroy the trust of the burger in the rationality of the state." This seems to go to the government coalition, whose part is the CSU. The AFD believes to have found food, and explains: "The asylum law is consistently applicable – the rule of law must not be allocated!"

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