More police drones in the approach

After final acquisition in Saxony, the flying camera in the everyday life of the police was taken over. Policemen were also spotted in Berlin with a drone – just at a city-political place

For several years German government funds have experimented with the use of flying cameras for police all day (drones: German police officers as an aircraft remote). The best known are the tests from Saxony, whose Fruher Interior Minister Butolo (CDU) 2008 had acquired a common product of the companies Diehl BGT Defense and Microdrones. Since then, the rot flyer has always been observed Oopter in political protests and football matches in Dresden or Leipzig.

The so-called micro drones pay the class of "Unmanned aircraft" (Unmanned Aerial Verifles, UAV). The technical name "Quad" refers to the four small rotor bladters driven by electric motors. Depending on the weight, you can stay in the air for up to 30 minutes.

Quadrocopter differ from the drones used by militars. In contrast to the military counterparts – which are unnoticed from up to 15 kilometers unnoticed – fly the microcopters only about 100 meters high. The video data will transfer via radio to a reception station. In the case of loss of radio contact to the pilot, drones slow down slowly.

"Monitoring and declaration" in Saxony

Buttolos Successor Markus Ulbig (CDU) had the final acquisition of police drone in autumn. Thus, according to Ulbig a cheek "Between the video recordings from a police helicopter and the mobile / stationary cameras on the ground" closed. The extensive applications already extend over "New possibilities of application" as "Monitoring and declaration", "Support of search measures", "Observation" to the "Documentation of transportation".

The according to Diehlb BGT Defense just look for "Military Operations in Urban Terrain" (Mout) Suitable device had been initially leased by Saxony and went after payment of the residual value of approx. 7.500 euros in the possession of the state criminal office over. In addition to Saxony, policies in Lower Saxony, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia have quadrocopters of the companies Diehl or. Microdrones of the competitor Airrobot tested. The devices are usually guided by the Department of Central Services at the state crime stamps.

The national standards are in one "nationwide exchange of experiences" and have a while in one "Bund- / LanderProjektgrupp drones" worked together, whose results are hitherto hitherto hitherto. The Federal Police is also at the "Exchange of experiences" involved and tests even more different manufacturers.

Lower Saxony had in mid-2008 for around 47.000 Euro a fully outlined quadrocopter of the company MICRODRONES worried. Interior Minister Uwe Schunemann (CDU) sees one in the flying cameras like his Sachsian party colleague "Conclusion for quick information acquisition". The package is a so-called "Base station set" with video glasses and a daylight and a dimmer camera.

Most recently, the quadrocopter provided Castor transport in November for swirls. According to the Ministry of the Interior, the Gerat was there on the rails around the lead staddle / Harlingen for the first time "true" Operational operation. The operator Friedrich Niehorster had initially denied the use of the drone. A spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior alleged later, Niehorster had not been informed.

Criticism came from the Burgerinitiative Luchow-Dannenberg and from the Lower Sachsian data protection officer Joachim election brink: With the quadrocopter, photos and video recordings of persons could be made. The police or the Minister of the Interior had to present information about the purpose of the use and purpose of the drone for examination.

Drone use in a home room in Amsterdam. Image: indymedia

Doubtful inserts

The Ministry claims that the drone deliver "Causes in normal fly" Only surprises. Faces of demonstrators are therefore unidentifiable because the system does not have the ability to zoom in faces of individual persons.

The statement may be doubted in view of high-ranking video technology and is in contradiction to Schunemann’s counterpart in Saxony: After its information, the video transfer of the drone of Microdrones or. Diehl instead "in high quality".

Even politicians criticize the drone use as an unbillion maby and one "Democracy unworthy". The flying cameras provided for one "Scandalosen general suspicion", The spying on demonstrators are required "Climate of fear".

The doubts are quite justified. Demonstrators have a legitimate interest in not to be filmed by the state in the exercise of their demonstration law. Last year, there had been two major court judgments with whom the police were made in their-Bislang little confinement – barriers. The Federal Scarf Court decided in May that so-called "Pre-control" The protection of the freedom of assembly can. The reason for the lawsuit was a manipulated "Hazard forecast", with which the police justified the search of persons.

More important is a judgment of the Administrative Court Berlin from October, which prohibits the untimeless video monitoring of demonstrations. The films on political gatherings had taken over in Berlin and contributed to the impact of demonstration law. That has expressed the court expressively and seen a severe procedure in the informational self-determination.

That’s what the Berlin police seem a little bit about. According to a message on a mailing list to Berlin city policy, at the end of January "Some technicians" Together with several policemen with a quadropter several times the Gorlitzer Park overflow. The grand country is one of the most controversial places in Kreuzberg. Activists such as burger lawlers complain over-powered police operations against existing Roma, drug handlers, parties or political gatherings. The fact that the test was not held as eligible in a police boxes, indicates that the love of love with the use of the Berlin police is well advanced.

Update: On demand at the Berlin senate administration for the internal and sport was explained, the flight has on 24. January took place and is at the attention of a murder commission of the state criminal office. Was used a flowering camera of the manufacturer "Airrobot GmbH CO. Kg" from Arnsberg. According to Senate’s administration, the Berlin police have been having a drone since 2009, which is therefore "For the air-cited photographic documentation of acts and events" was used. This is one "Economical and Okologically meaningful alternative to the use of the police helicopter". The aim of the maaking in the Gorlitzer Park is the "Photographic documentation of the act and event location" and possible escape routes after a previously committed totungsdelikt.

More police drones in the approach

The overwax must be protected. Image: indymedia

Who guarantees the overwaxes?

Nobody was ready to give further information on the city of the city political place at the Landeskriminamt Berlin. A spokesman indicated that the responsibility here at the interior senior location. A request of the author in the state-of-the-art interior administration remained indeed without previously.

In the comment columns on Indymedia and other Internet portals is now closed about how demonstrators were able to defend themselves against the investigation from the air themselves. Ratschlage like the waist of stones were allowed to remain unsuccessful. Rather, no doubt is not legal "Air fight" with own drones, which are now available in the toy trading for around 300 euros and can be easily controlled by iPhone. The coverage of faces in turn was evaluated by the police as incremental against the Association Act and goods welcome fundamentation for further compulsory measures.

The weakest place when using a flying camera, however, is the controlling unit. Pictures of a housekeeping in Amsterdam show that the video glasses acting "Air Vehicle TV" must be shielded by all storing influences. A video on the edge of a fubball game between Hansa Rostock and Dynamo Dresden also documents that the Sachsischer police decouples the pilot sparingly from the events and positioned in the midst of parked emergency vehicles. Accordingly, nervous is referred to the documentary person of the square – the overwaxes can be guiled reluctant.

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