More payments without cash in germany and the euro area

More payments without cash in Germany and the euro area

The trend for paying without bills and munzen has been owed in Germany and in the euro area already before the Corona crisis. 98 billion payments in the apprenticeship of the total value of more than 162 trillion euros were carried out cashless last year, as the European Central Bank (ECB) announced on Friday.

That was 8.1 percent more than a year before. Almost half (48 percent) of these were card payments, almost a quarter of cashless payments (23 percent) and direct debits (22 percent). The remainder were electronic means of payment according to ECB information, including the Apple Pay or Google PAY.

Contactless hygienic?

The Corona crisis has given the cashless payment a powerful thrust – even in Germany, where many people prefer cash payments. In times of the grassy virus, about many handlers recommend contactless payment on the store budget as a particularly hygienic.

However, this is only true if it takes place via smartphone, in which the verification can be done directly on the device. For payments, for example, with contactless Girocard, PIN inputs can also be re-established for a lot of caught terminals – and, if you are 50 euros, has reached five transactions, and if the last paid payments come together over 150 euros. According to Bundesbank, there is no proof that people actually have infected lovers and munzes with Covid-19

Strong increase in card payments

In 2019, the relative importance of the most important payment services in the countries of the euro pertinent area according to ECB data was still very different. Portugal Way with about 69 percent of the highest national percentage for card payments. In the obstructions, the proportion of Slovakia with a good 41 percent on the highest, in Germany, the proportion of direct debits with a good 45 percent is particularly high.

In total, 24 billion payment transactions in Germany were completed in the past year in the total value of 61 trillion euros cashless, as the Bundesbank announced on Friday. Compared to the previous year, this corresponds to an increase of 7 percent (number) or 8 percent (value). In the strongest, the payments with card took: almost 19 percent to 6.3 billion.

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