Mh17: interview with girkin provides for excitement

MH17: Interview with Girkin provides for excitement

The former commander of the separatist dispute and one of the four defendants in the MH17 process in an interview in cooperation with the Ukrainian secret service "indirect responsibility" a

In the MH17 process, the 49-year RUSSE Igor Girkin or. Igor Strelkov or. Strelok together with the Russians Sergej Dubinsky and Oleg Pulatow as well as the Ukrainian Leonid Kharchenko accused to be responsible for the launch of the Malaysian passenger machine. The indictment is murder of the 298 inmates, which four are not accused to have been directly involved in the launch, but in the command candlite to have been up to bring the Buk system from Russia to the launch of the launch and back.

Girkin had worked for Russian intelligence services and was ended at the end of April 2014 for the commander of the armed combination of "People Donetsk", After he was first in the Crimea and built in Sloviansk Milizen. Previously, he participated in the fight in Chechnya and Transnistria and the Bosnia war. At the beginning of July 2014, Girkin had to flee with his mugs from Sloviansk, he had asked Russia for military help, but not preserved.

On the 17th. At the time of the launch of MH17, there was a posting under the name of Girkin, in which the successful launch of a Ukrainian military machine at Torez was: "We warned you. Does not fly in our airspace." The post was quickly delted again, questionable is whether it was written about Girkin. Girkin said 2015, he had been taught at 16:30 that a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter aircraft had been shot down at Snischne. At 17:30 he then received the message, it was a unknown aircraft. MH17 rooted between 16:20 and 16:25. Girkin applies to the joint investigation team as "highest military officer", who was in contact with Russia.

The separatists were not

A four-hour interview that Girkin now gave the Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon over Skype and on the 18th. May was published, now ensures excitement. That’s because Gordon explained, he has recorded the conversation and one with Natalija Poklonskaya, the Fruheren Attorney General in Crimea, in cooperation with the Ukrainian intelligence service SBU.

In Ukraine these had never been interviewed. He has also sent the records on a USB stick to the International Criminal Court to the Hague, before Ukraine filed a lawsuit against Russia (Schlappen for Kiev before the International Court). The process is still off, the court adopted the lawsuit in November 2019 and sees itself stood. Gordon came under criticism because the interview with Girkin was terrorist propaganda.

But the SBU confirmed the cooperation and explained, one analyze Girkins exercises as additional evidence for the occupation of Ukrainian territory and the beginning of the war in the Ostukraine. But the initiative for the talks were amed by Gordon.

In the conversation, Girkin said he sent a commander of the separatists and as a participant in the conflict one "indirect responsibility" For the shooting. But he has every personal responsibility back and still explains that the separatist camphor under his command "the plane did not shot down". Whether Russians were not involved, he did not say.

He had pity with the victims and sees Ukraine involved in the launch. He will not appear in front of the Dutch court. He will not submit to the rules of another state and expect "No grace and no understanding of the enemy". He did not read the charge. So nothing new.

Girkin is not popular in Moscow

For whatever reason, but he relyed on that on his command four Ukrainian "Sabote" be execute. On command of him, several campers of the separatists were shot dead because of plunners and torture. Apparently, he ames that he is not concerned in Russia therefore. However, he repeated his criticism of the Russian government. Putin "Worse than a criminal". Vladislaw Surkow, the personal adviser of Putin, who should have coordinated relations with the separatists, be the "worst bastard". Putin’s team Konne just steal, also the political drivers of the "Folk republics". He called him as "Gray zone", The Moscow only "middle-minded" be controlled.

That was still unpopular in Moscow in Moscow, but it can be sure that Russia does not deliver him to Ukraine, as this prohibits Russian emergence. In the joint investigation team (JIT), however, was also discussed whether one could not engage e-suspicious also with concealed operations from Russia. So far, only Zemak from the SBU from the "People’s Republic of Donetsk", but who frightened through a prison exchange between Moscow and Kiev back to the rough loss of Jit.

However, Girkin was allowed to provide a lot of information from the time of heavy struggle in Donbass, which Moscow was not allowed. If he has now failed that Russia has supported militarically the separatists, that will cause disintegration in Moscow, because one has always scored this. Although Girkin had failed his time to get direct military help from Russia, he said that the separatist militias had barely to hold, if she had no support from Russia and when the Ukrainian commanders "Competent and smarter" had been.

Girkin is Russian nationalist. So he said that the Crimea and the Ostukraine were only coming back under Ukrainian control when the Russian state decays. He himself became dream of dreaming that Ukraine becomes part of the Russian Federation.

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