Mexico calls for more us use in the fight against drug bands

After the murder of US Consulate employees in Mexico, the criticism of the US is stronger

The war against the drug cartels, who proclaimed Prasident Felipe Calderon in December 2006, continues to escalate (expansion of the combat zone). It does not look like it, as if the Mexican government was able to win him. Rather, the land seems to sink in the so-called violence and the criticism of the militarization of drug storage growth. Now much suggests that the drug cartels had extended the combat zone with attacks on US Consulate employees in Ciudad Juarez. After US Prasident Obama "emport" showed, because among the thousands of dead are now two US Stateburger, Calderon reminded him that the US is co-responsible for the bloodbath. There, the drugs were delivered and from there most of the weapons, with which the drug cartels supplied in Mexico.

Rarely, the countless dead dive into the headlines that the drug war demands in Mexico daily. On the penultimate weekend alone, at least 60 people should have fallen the sacrifice to the bloody bustle, including 30 in the famous seaside resort of Acapulco. Maybe there was there or throughout the country but still significantly more dead, because a statistic is not guided. Therefore, there are only about treasures about how many people have lost life since Calderon the drug cartels explained the war and to the scope of the police nationwide 50.000 soldiers sent out. The numbers fluctuate between 15.000 and 20.000.

Anyone who copes with social malades, corruption or organized crime in Mexico hovering in mortal danger. Therefore, reporters pay without borders (RSF) the country to the world’s most dangerous countries for journalists. The last victim was evaristo pacheco shot in Chilpancingo, capital of the Sudmexican state of Guerrero. After the official payment he is the fourth journalist, which was murdered in 2010 in Mexico. According to RSF, however, it could already be five victims. Last year, Zwolf Journalists fell victim to the victim, some have disappeared without a trace, the trap will be practically never. Therefore, the government organization has been pending unteaching for years and speaks of "impunity". The offensive against drug trafficking has the location for the media "even more invisible", criticizes RSF..

But not the assassination of the journalist was the reason that Mexico once again made negative headlines worldwide, but it was the advances in the city of Ciudad Juarez, which is located in the north of the country on the border with the USA. Because the city, also known for countless unnecessary women’s murder, was the scene of two attacks, which apparently directed directly against the USA. While there were two journalists, tortured and finally released again, murdered unknown at the brightest days two US state castles. The employee of the US Consulate Leslie Enriquez and her husband Arthur Redelfs were shot in their car in the afternoon, her child surprised the attack unhurt. With only a few minutes of delay and just a few kilometers away, the Mexican Jorge Alberto Salcido Ceniceros was murdered, his two children in the car were injured in the attack.

The relationship between the two attacks is not tramming because of the temporal and ortiles, because there are much more direct connection lines. Salcido was the husband of Hilda Antillon, who also works in the US Consulate of the city. In addition, all victims came from the same children’s birthday. The interpretation of the American consul, after which it is one "mistake" the killer traded, therefore surprised. Time to the newspaper El Diario said Raymond McGrath, the "link" Between the two attacks be found in the similarity of the cars that drove the victims. The US nationals were with a fleeing Toyota RAV 4, built in 2009 with Texan license plates, and the Mexican a woman Honda pilot, built in 2003, on the way. "It seems", McGrath said that the gang "sought someone with a car with similar characteristics".

"A war, which is so bloody and as important as the Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan"

Regardless of such speculation, a conflict between the US and Mexico now cooks after US Prasident Barack Obama "emport" has shown the attacks on the US burger in one of the most dangerous city of the world. So far, Obama does not seem to have found it so that in Ciudad Juarez alone in the past year about 2.700 people in the drug war with the safety faith and the war came about the rival drug cartels with each other. The happened not infrequently with weapons that came from the USA.

That was just a reason why Calderon raised the voice against the powerful neighbor in the north. Especially he also apparent that the Foreign Office in Washington for the first time a travel warning for Mexico pronounced. In addition, the staff of six cross-border US consulates promised to bring their relief to security. The Mexican government will now exprease that because of the travel warning, which is also connected to Canada, the tourists fail and the economic crisis continues to spend. Already last year, the tourist flow from the north was clearly deceived. Since Calderon does not get the violence nor the crisis under control, he stumbles in the election. That has shown that the intermediate elections to the Mexican Congress already shown clearly last summer.

"The organized crimetat, which Ciudad Juarez devastated, has its origins in drug use in the US, the weapons traveling from this country to Mexico, and the consequences form a strong threat for the residents in both countries", said Calderon last week at a visit to Ciudad Juarez. He made the US directly co-responsible for the advances in the border town. He warned a joint course in Washington. It is "unavoidable", that from the evolving of the mafia art "common task" must.

That in the US is done too little against the drug cartelles, not only the Mexican prasident believes. In an editorial, the Washington Post also criticized the US politics against the sad neighbor in the past Thursday. For Calderon and his government, the drug war had become a "Fight to survive" transformed. It is one of one "War, who is so bloody and as important as the Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan" may be. But although the Mexican stability was of vital interest for the US, it is much too little invested. The already decided help is also too slow, on Blackhawk helicopter Mexico is still waiting for, for example. Since 2008, in the context of the "Merida plan" 1.3 billion dollars for drug storage to Mexico flowed, but in the household for the coming year, the government wanted the help of 30% to 310 million short.

Unlike the absumer speculation of the US Consul in Ciudad Juarez, it is all overcome that there is a direct relationship between the US policy and the abandonment of consulate employees. In one article, Washington Post had reported in February, that the US government intends to support the resistant to Ciudad Juarez with its on-site officials in the fight against the drug bands. The FBI also ames that the subsequent was not mistaken. The US Federal Police believes that shortly Mexican drug criminals were transferred to the US and convicted there. Therefore, further revenue acts could not be excluded. In this logic, the warnings make a sense of travelers and belongings of embassies and consulates.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Rio Grande, is also being daughtered after the murder. More than 200 US policemen searched in El Paso for information on the mordes in the rows of a gear named Barrio Azteca. El Paso is only separated by four bridges of Ciudad Juarez and Barrio Azteca is active on both sides of the border (Mexico: "Narcos" On expansion course). The safety faith ames that she works with the drug cartel in Ciudad Juarez. FBI agents are already traveled to Mexico, in order to locate the responsible for the murders on the US state castles.

Militarization no solution

Overall, however, Calderon is hardly held for fahig to win the war proclaimed by him. During his visit to Ciudad Juarez, inhabitants of the city demonstrated against him and the demonstrators even broke through the security locks in front of his hotel. You know how the situation in the city has worsened. The number of murders rushed, since Calderon has begun his drug war. Died in 2006 averaging two people a day a violent death in the city, it was already five and 2009 seven.

One problem is that the judiciary and security services itself "Criminal elements" are underwritten, even the Mexican prasident in the short break (drug bands capers Mexican state). The attempt to loose the conflict with the mobilization of the militar, but may be considered failed. Despite all, CALderon spilled on his strategy. Conservative in Mexico also criticize the conservatives now and draw parallel to the wars of the USA in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Zeitung El Universal wrote in an editorial that the US with the strongest army of the world did not find an answer to the question of how to turn off an opponent that is mixed with civil avenue.

The US is predicted that you are the Iraq "decimated" and "sturdled" Leaving and resuming the Middle East in a situation that are required for extremism: "Polarized, uncertain and in a misery". And just this fate is also drrewing the Mexican militar when that "War atmosphere Continue Anhalt, which suffer some regions". Ciudad Juarez is called a prime example. "Thousands of soldiers could not brake erosion, decommissions, murders, the collapse of the economy and the death of nightlife." The militarization of domestic policy ies the newspaper a clear cancellation.

Although Mexico is not Colombia or Afghanistan, but armed conflicts always had a common denominator: "They destroy the social network and destabilizing the institutions. In chaos, however, the law of the stronger and the groups stand by, which stand outside the law, whether they are called paramilitars, drug handlers or terrorists." Mexico thirst, it is warned that the instructions from Washington do not follow because the neighbor is just "Eyberst bad example" queue.

The Mexican Prasident will now travel to Washington in mid-May to talk to Barack Obama also about the cooperation in the evidence of organized criminality. It will also be about the love of money. Calderon wants to achieve that the Plan Merida, which was actually limited to three years until 2011, is being requested. "We know today that our governments have to work continuously together, because the work is not over yet", explained the spokesman for the Mexican Dome Ministry Gordon Duguid.

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