Merciless gaps

Merciless gaps

Social media and empathy

This is a new phanomena? Or there has been this inexorable, raw skullust? Hordes of gaffers film the scenery of an accident and even hinder the rescue force. It testifies to helplessness if Krowe of the fire brigade seeing to touch filming gaffers, or the police on the unscrupulousness of the shameless gaffer emport. These are extreme single trap when on-eyed a suicide "Spring!" Call to film the scene with your phone? Or are it indeed extreme pronouncements of a new social phannomet when a young girl films the death of her sister in a car accident she caused itself live for her instagram follower?

Of course, it is not first not to be noticed that the "Inhumane to human history" heard. Thinking is to the cruel spectacles of gladiator struggles in the ancient Rome; Also public executions in the Middle Ages are often folk festivals. Nevertheless, in the following, contrary to a suspected continuity of human cruelty, sociologically informed is found that new forms of communication have differentiated in our society, making narcissistic, self-related action more likely than earlier.

As is known, one follows Marx and Engels, determines the consciousness. The "being" the people as "Animal Sociale" essentially their communicative environment corresponds to the forms of communication they expose. And of course, the consciousness, in turn, influences the form of the possibly expectant communication. Hardly to be used is that the communicative environment, the communicative "being" People, with the emergence of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) in the last 10 years radically changed. – Yes, it is actually just under 15 years ago that Facebook, with now 2 billion active users, was founded. Instagram, with now about 700 million users, exists only about 7 years. Should not be expected in the face of these radical changes with serious consciousness changes?

Communication away social media

But what is it exactly what has changed in the last 10 years in the communicative environment of people? For this purpose, it must first be bleached which the form of communication is paradigmatically characterized the absence of communication in social media. Dialogical communication on eye-high, face-to-face communication in mutually synchronous, corporate presence, can be understood paradigmatic as a communication off the social media.

Characteristic here is the mutual intransparency of the consciousness of the so communicating. Especially because of this intransparency, especially with all of each other unknown persons, is expected to expect that in these situations, not specific expect. In view of the intransparency of the other consciousness is to be amed by coarse-related mutual expectation uncertainty.

The expectations of the communicating communicating in reciprocity to the (conscious and therefore intransparent) expectations of the other each, a circle arises, a communicative threshold, which is only overwind to initiate communication. Niklas Luhmann speaks here "Double contingency": "I do what you want, if you do what I want."2

We ame that this social disposition of mutual Individual orientation is empathy calls and calls for. An attitude that demonstrates a high MAB on mutual attention to the communicating, especially in view of the synchronous protective presence – just no self-consolidity, such as social media in order to avoid the risks of erroneous expectations. Every frown, a raised eyebrow, a rigid look like indexing the need, expectations or. Expand expectations of expectations, adapt. This all the more, as it is appropriate to react quickly here. Zogern, too strong tolerate, let yourself expect that such (inappropriate) time management leads to at most unwise expanded expectations.

Also, empathy can not do it self-sufficient to penetrate the awareness of the other ever. Rather, empathy is particularly increasing on the mutual, impenetrable intransparency of consciousness, leading to sophisticated social reflection to compensate for the impulse of consciousness. Even subtle behavior is characterized, the clothing style, ticks, nervous in certain situations, (lack of) sovereignty in occurrence, even (UN) security, tone of the voice etc., will be registered and typed to gain information on these generalizations – and of deviations of it – information.

So person a person b, in the face of observed subtle hints, still offer a favor just because a female that b is happy to ask for a favor, but not pronounces this wish, because B wife, like A suspects that (the Halfway probable rejection of the favor, a, in the face of their deep friendship, very difficult.

The commonly positive connotation of empathy, from tactful communication is premature. Because it is easy to show that also sadists "Simple people" are. Even intrigue behavior (bullying) is empathy certainly. "Rose wars" (in divorcements) can be more efficient with the help of empathy, for stalking, for on-off relationships, empathy is certainly the driving force. We therefore want, beyond morality, only to stick to that is crucial for empathic communication that they individual persons is oriented. No self-consolidity today, as can be clarified on social media.

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