Meeting of the uncooperative

The Network People’s Global Action has a mobilization potential, but still with homemade problems to fight

The globalization-critical organization Attac is well known. But who knows PGA? The coverage stands for Peoples GlobalAction. This is an international network of linker globalization critic that from 31.August to 4. September in the Hollandian suffering to the 2.European conference invited.

The history of PGA leads to the uprising of Zapatista in the Sudmexican Chiapas in the early 1990s. The movement with the charismatic and word-effective Commandante Marcos as a Worfuhrer inspired many people around new activities around the world, which has been charged at least since 1989 the "old left" and kept her action forms for uberholted. Rather, there were foundations in the foreground, which to date at Essentials of PGA. It is the rejection of hierarchies and power positions, as well as the fight against all vacuum structures. Under Understanding the activists grouped around the PGA network not only capitalism but also racism and patriarchy.

In February 1998, the network was at a meeting in Geneva under the title People Global Action against free trade and WTO" officially grounded. It took more than 20 months to the actions of Seattle, where PGA activists were involved, the anti-WTO movement was a term worldwide. At the At the then, there was no speech at that time. While in PGA in Asia and India, brewery organizations are networked with coarse popularity, in Europe still small groups with limited mass effectiveness, which are behind the three letters. The potential has not been swoped out.

Especially under younger globalization critics, the criticism of the laws increase to act action of Attac and the state consumption attempts . Last Saturday, this was clear in Amsterdam, where numerous demonstrators against the official announcements of the World Climate Paint in Johannesburg, however, also addressed the existing action of many non-governmental organizations (NGO). Through these protests from PGA groups, the European meeting also came several times into the evening news of the Hollandi television and PGA was referred to because of their rejection of lobbyism as a potential left alternative to Attac. But it’s not that far. For the low charisma, altactivists make homemade problems responsible.

So there are no PGA speakers but only delegates who prepare the next meeting without having to influence in terms of content. For the meeting in Leiden, a Catalan and a Hollandic organization had took this ungrateful job. In the Plenas and workgroups, many of the above 300 from various European countries but also the Arab region and Israel’s activists criticism of the previous practice of event hopping instead of short-term campaigns before the next EU or World Economic Summit should be developed a long-term resistance strategy. As a concrete proposal, the preparation of a European consulta was discussed in suffering. The idea comes – how could it be different – again from the Ezln"; It is called a dash of self-assault in the conference reader.

Unlike Mexico, however, it should not be a survey of the population but rather vague about the preparation of a collective discussion process" go with left groups and parts of the population. The dealing with the European Social Forum, that Attac near groups next November in Florence was planning in suffering a discussion topic. PGA activists will be represented with their own content in Florence and want to carry the criticism of lobbying and lack of state criticism in thieves.

The meeting in suffering reminded with his many working groups rather to one "Market of resistance ways" As to a coordination meeting. Some will also remember the coarse events of the so-called new social movements, which quickly disappeared after a short hype 20 years ago. Whether the PGA network is imminent, is not decided by a European meeting but the concrete practice. There was also criticism in suffering also that the impending US military stroke against Iraq, against the mass protests in Europe are expected, on the PGA conference play only a subordinate role. So the movement could be caught by this Iraq war exactly as cold, as last year the entire globalization critical movement from the striking of the 11.September.

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