Massenubergung: richter in court

In the Affare around a uberdimensioned call data sugar catch, the responsible judges are now quoted even before the Supreme Kadi in Austria

A burglary series in Austria had serious consequences. Around 200.000 Records of mobile phone calls wanted to check the Karntner police. The stated investigative judge as well as the legally prescribed three-seater gave her okay. According to significant significant emport, a possibly unbillacious intervention in the privacy completely uninvified mobile phone customers, the responsible persons must now be responsible for the Supreme Court.

The General Prokuratur located in the Austrian Ministry of Justice was recently active. She brought one "Annuity complaint to the preservation of the law" a. "It is probably negotiating in the afternoon before a fun-headed judge’s sensor of the Supreme Court", confirmed Advocate General Dr. Kurt Kirchbacher against Telepolis. In the procedure, it should now be declared whether the statical judges have acted in the Karntner mobile phone monitoring affairs or whether the burial of judicial decisions was not too angry. "Whether the principle of relation has been violated is not clarified at the time. However, it is important for possible violations of the telecommunications law and the Convention on Human Rights."

The deputy of the Grunen, Peter Mushz, who the matter in February D.J. At the openness (tank snackers on the track) can be happy about a stage victory in his struggle for the preservation of burger rights. "The General Prokurist was certainly not tentative if it was not a serious thing acting", so mushroom in the telepolis conversation. Exor to the intervention of General Prokuratur was a introduced request of the Grunen. "This was picked up by the Minister of Justice and the tax was tatig", it is called from the Ministry of Justice. According to fungus, the monitoring action had up to 50.000 people can relate to. A dimension that also made a significant displeasure in the four coarse eastern-rich cell phone operators.

The principle of relation was short-term debt in the judicial committee of the Easter Rich Parliament. Due to the Karntner incident, unjustified mass wounds were prohibited in a committee assessment. I am in the minutes:

"To the § 149a ABS. 4 anchored reliability principle in relation to the determination of location and mediation data (..) Does the judicial committee be prompted to note that even with these investigations, one – for each fundamental rights intervention (…) – To carry out the examination of the reliability. This has in the fall of an intervention in the telecommunications secrecy in kind. 10a Stgg and in the privacy according to Art. 8 ECHR all the circumstances of the individual case to take into account concretely."

Even if it seems to be ordered in Austria – as in many other European countries – due to different other new laws (keyword: anti-terror-packages) always worse about the burger rights, obviously the public prere was strong enough to protect the protection to enforce the privacy or to make it at least the subject of a court proceedings.

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