“Mass effect”: remaster of the sci-fi trilogy and new offshoot in work

Developer Bioware works on a new edition of the popular action games of the "Mass Effect"-trilogy. The three action role-playing games around protagonist Commander Shepard are considered Remaster in the "Legendary Edition" summarized, ordered bioware now. She should appear in the spring of 2021. In addition, a completely new part of "Mass Effect" in progress.

As Remaster concentrates "Legendary Edition" the "Mass Effect"-Trilogy Primar on visual compensations. In a blog entry, Bioware promises high resolutions, high frame rate and "Visual improvements". In addition, the Remaster is intended to include all DLCs for the three games as well as some additional equipment items. That means in reverse: playful improvements are not to be expected rather.

"Mass Effect" still has fans

The first "Mass Effect"-Part appeared in 2007 and became the hit despite hooked gameplays. In Part 2 and Part 3, Bioware turned the role-playing freedoms a little back and focused on the gameplay: "Mass Effect 2" and "Mass Effect 3" play as a third-person shooter with a cover system. The known are the "Mass Effect"-Games also for your dialogue wheel and your moral system. All three titles of the trilogy are considered excellent games and still have a gross community.

According to Bioware, the "Legendary Edition" Primar for PC, Xbox One and PS4 developed. For PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, a patch will appear with further optimizations.

No information about the new part

To the new "Mass Effect"-Part who is also in development, Bioware has not revealed anything yet. After completing the trilogy, Bioware tried in 2017 to a new beginning in "Mass Effect"-Universe: "Mass Effect: Andromeda" Plays long after the main story in another galaxy with completely new figures. Fans and trade press completely stimulated the action role-playing game: that was, among other things, at desastroses technical condition in which "Andromeda" On the market came. But also the figures were criticized.

Artwork to the new "Mass Effect"-game.

So it is unclear whether Bioware is after this devastating criticism "Andromeda"-Successor tries – or if a completely new one "Mass Effect"-Chapter OffNet. Also a direct successor of "Mass Effect 3" is not completely excluded due to the various possible end sequences of the action role play.

Bioware is currently working on a new part in the "Dragon Age"-Universe, to which there is also no information. The iconic role-playing studio, the once "Baldur’s gate" and "Knights of the Old Republic" developed, finally came with flops like "Mass Effect Andromeda" and "Anthem" Neatly swimming, many said the end of bioware ahead. Accordingly, the prere on the studio belonging to EA is to deliver well-known quality with the upcoming titles.

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