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China’s manned space travel makes mobile: first Taikonaut starts in 2001

China’s space is still a mystery. Speculation and delight change each other. When exactly the first Taikonaut starts all, remains open. But in October 2001 it was already possible.

9.572.909 square kilometer Landflat, 1.220.800.000 inhabitants – the most populated and flat-maby third-grated land of the earth, with an illiterate rate of 17 percent of many still beloved as a developing country, has caught up in recent years like hardly any other scientific-technological field – especially in space travel. Because after about 40th anniversarying phase – China started his first rocket already in 1959 – dares that "Empire of the middle" Now the leap in the manned space travel.

A rough step forward made China on 20. November 1999, when it’s the unmanned spaceship "Shenzhou" (Magic ship) with a guys rocket of the type "Long march 2f" in the orbit sent. The for the time being "dull", Absolutely to a soybean capsule landed after fourteen ornaments again safely in Mongolia. Many experts and journalists, who have been telling the status quo of the Chinese manned space travel for decades, evaluated this action, which was carried out excluding the openness, as a signal. Since then, the bracket cooks. And it looks like when the boiling point reached. Because the votes are more likely that the first Taikonaut probably released in October 2001 into weightlessness.

Landing "magical ship"

Although no room driver from the kingdom of the middle has ever been presented by name to the present day, the Chinese astronaut program began in 1968. On the other hand, the word creation is "Taikonaut" (The prefix ‘Taiko’ means as much as ‘Astro’ or ‘Kosmo’) just two years young. It is intended to underline its own character of Chinese space and clarify that, in addition to the US astronauts and Russian cosmonauts, a new spacecraft has to go to the all of the room. Although the Chinese government consists of propagandistic reasons remain covered on the date of the first manned mission. But the taught are immediately confirmed by different sources. The China News Service, a governmental news agency, reports that the second test flight for a manned mission will take place shortly before or after October of this year. "The Taikonauts are ready to start and wait for the command to fly into space", so the news service. And the Hong Kong Congress Mingpao shows the fact that the new test is even stronger on technical and data system checks. Still before the 10th. October, the Chinese National Day, where China has traditionally celebrated militar parades and presenting its latest technical achievements to the world, the "Long march rocket" start. According to a report of the US Department of Defense, but above all, according to Philip Chien, a Chinese Space connoisseur, this test could have been the last unmanned test at the same time. A start date in October 2001 with Taikonauten on board keep Western experts for quite probably. However, overshooting optimism is deployed, so chien:

"Whether in 2001, 2002 or maybe even later. Who they believe that they depend on the source of the respective smell."

The groos of the experts dares China due to their long-term experience with consumer fractions and cooperation with Rubland to ask people in the orbit. At the time, China soviet technology bought (including a soy capsule), which is why critic china chairs to have just copied the coarse part of this technique. On the other hand, China with the long-march missiles on a reliable, successful carrier system for satellites, which operates cheaper than the US systems or the European Arians (about 70 payloads of Western customers needed it into space). In addition, even two Taikonauten were trained in the Russian cosmonaut center Star City. These completed the same training program like their foreign colleagues prepared for the me stay. For this purpose, the u.S. Astronaut John Blaha: "Multiple I honored that Chinese pilots be in Star City. But at no time I saw one of them".

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