Lower saxony: so far around 60 privacy complaints about corona gas listen

Lower Saxony: So far around 60 privacy complaints about Corona Gas Listen

In the Lower Sachsian state data protection officers, around 60 complaints have been discussed so far for mutually incorrectly inventive contact data on Corona hostilities. This was a resistant in Hanover with.

In order to track the infection chains, the gastronomy, gyms or also hairdressers are obliged to include the name, address and telephone number of their customers. In the above majority of complaints – about 40 – according to the speaker, it was due to the fact that lists were frightened open expenses or unjustified data.

Data query without obligation and false transmission

16 complaints related to businesses that did not require data, even though they were not obliged to do so according to the Corona Regulation of the Land. The state government has determined that only operators must document, for example, of gyms, cafes or restaurants names, address and the time of arrival and abandonment. Sports clubs must be from Monday (6.7.) Capture the contact details of all participants of training games.

"Also, there are inadmissible lists that include several days or weeks to practice the health department, although this requires only the contact details of a certain day", The speaker of the state data protection officer Barbara Thiel. The lists had to be disposed of after four weeks with a shredder.

Money pit or instruction for privacy conformity

The state data protection center examines the incoming complaints. Companies have to pay either pubes, or they receive a statement on privacy conforms for the future. The sanction form is dependent on the case, said the speaker. Also, companies receive the possibility to comment on the situation.

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