Love can be so already and other lugs

Love can be so already and other lugs

YouTube and Co. – Our weekly telepolis video check

The pictures were too obvious. And so has often been speculated in the last few days in international media and like the homoerotic relationship between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron. That everything is very different, this photo, which has not been seen strangely in our press. Anyway, the recording explains Melania’s harsh reaction. Also at Mark Zuckerberg we have such our doubts about his splayed man. And they were overturned when we saw this video at the beginning of the week.

Yes, real manner, real guys are always less available. And even the German showcase rapper Farid Bang has a problem with his and the other sexes. In any case, this explains this small film cutout of self-dice. There may be two tiny splashes of vodka. Or just Madonna. And last well: Manner and her comic passions – today: Patrick Bateman.

Love can be so already and other lugs

Now in between a bit of life aid especially for chief, which have a little understated again. Nevertheless, one believes this video, there is no reason to panic. This is very different here. And so, Simon’s Cat reacts to scary things. What remains, sheets is sheep.

or "crime scene" Look at which, you believe TV telexpert Walulis, has Ubwigens Hitler guilt. And thus we are in advertising for the "Encyclopædia Britannica", unfortunately only digitally appears digital since 2012. Now the compulsory look into the readerspost. Recommended: Supergrobi, Sweeping Breakdown, Crazy Circle Illusion, Tumbleweeds Invad and Scrubs Tips.

Finally our quick run: Pink Floyd 1967, Free Chico!, Harry G uber real estate agent, the sound film – 1929, making of burger-pr, floating camels, the Ozzy Man over Australia, the Frog Fish, Google Duel with Markus Feldenkirchen, Gangsters Wannabe, sheep VS. Cat, garlic bread in all, meerkats. And the final point sets Bohmermann Uber Hass on the Internet.

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