Lithuania: government change is characterized

Lithuania: Government change is characterized

Right of the stripping puller of the previous government, Ramunas Karbauskis, party leader of the green and farmers, and left of the Lithuanian songwriter and musician Andrius Mamontovas. Image (from 2016): Pulsaras / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Spendable Covid-19 policy of the ruling party "Grune and the farmers" had little success

The Spendable Covid-19 policy of the rulers "Grunen and farmers" (LVZS) in Lithuania has not been product. In the first passage of the parliamentary elections, the opposition conservative (TS-LKD) won around 25 percent before the ruling party with 17 percent.

The Chairman of the Conservatives, Gabrielius Landsbergis, ordered a broad coalition on Monday, "To cover more electoral expectations". However, the Lithuanian electoral system is complicated, only the half of the 141 seats were awarded – on 24. October is the second tour, then the politicians will contact each other via direct mandates.

The stripping puller of the government

Still, Ramunas Karbauskis, party feet of the Great and farmers and actual stripping pullers of the government, hopes for a chance in two weeks, but also promised that one "Strong and constructive opposition" be.

The special thing about the (relatively quiet) election campaign in Lithuania was that the LVZs hoped by the pandemic hoped – the country with over three million has so far alone about 6.200 infected and to complain about 103 dead, the economy continues to be relatively good, the gross domestic product was only 3.7 percent in the second quarter – which lituen is second to Luxembourg in the EU in the EU. In addition, the government awarded 2 billion euros support to the Lithuanian companies and employees. Also became a 13. Monthly salary promised at re-election.

The conservatives, on the other hand, warned against a premium of the country.

The oligarch and milliwater owners of an agricultural group launched the AUMENSIDE party surprisingly four years ago, as the population had enough of the conservatives and social democrats dominated with their scandals the political landscape. Also, the Lithuanians also swam on the "populist wave" with; It bothered that she had been influenced by Trump’s election campaign and Brexit.

Carbauskis sat on one "moderate" Populism, so the Lithuanian traditions should be kept high again as a counterpol to the influence of the West, which also the rights in Vilnius as unnecessary rights for homosexual obes.

His spectacular coup failed – the nationalization of pharmacies has recently been tapped by other parties in parliament. The agricultural entrepreneur thus wanted to enable the influence of the state in the economy, allegedly had to take ten international pharmacon cores influence Lithuania by taking the prices of medicines compared to other EU countries around eight times in the high. Thus, Health Minister Aurelijus was discredited by Verygas and the Wahl is animated to quote the government.

He did not want to call the names of the corporations who wanted his party Boses.

A little is the Russian oligarch model in the small in Lithuania – Carbauskis is the richest among parliamentarians, but not the only one; A total of 22 EU millionars candidated for the national parliament.

The Social Democrats

The farmers and green coalized with the Social Democrats, who spoke in two parties in accordance with the fragment of the federal government in 2017, with the party LSDDP disabled by the source Party LSDP remained in the coalition.

Also two small parties, a representative representation of the Polish minorities and a slowly explosive formation with a current name "freedom and justice", mixed with. Overall, the government was characterized by many internal tensions, which is considered the reason for the poor result; One of the most important challenges in addition to the epidemic is the reform of the health and education system.

Even the conservatives with the Ingrida Simonyte failed as a prasidental candidate as a possible prime minister is not a simple government before – they will probably have to coalize with one of the two social democratic parties, which revenue the third and fourth place. Experts realize rough divergences, especially which tax policy and market economy are concerned.

Conservative: Skeptical attitude to Moscow

For Lithuania’s dub policy, the country is currently the first lawyer of democracy movement in Belarus, but are not foreseen fluctuations – all the larger parties affirm the membership of EU and NATO and have a skeptical attitude to Moscow. In the latter, especially the conservatives.

Landsbergis wants to increase spending on the defense by 2025 to 2.5 percent of gross domestic product. In addition, the "Lithuanian Schutzenunion", a paramilitarian association, getting more inlet to increase the willingness to defense of the population in relation to a potential Russian danger.

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