Linux korner 2.4

My first Linux (Part 4)

I knew it that I can unmask Linux. You do not need a CD-ROM, and the manual is also overflowed. You do not have to be a freak nor a computer expert. No, Linux is something for everyone and even washes a Windows or MacOS in.

What did I query myself and worried my cat when I dared under Muhen to the first three installations of Linux (my first Linux). No such a thick manual or a TFT monitor should stop me. Finally I realized why the first three installation attempts have failed. It is easy: Linux tilt into the machine and promptly run the whole with 30, 60 and even 90 degrees. Although the novel surface is a bit too colorful, but with the female adjustment I am more than satisfied. And I can not find the best now: Linux is completely crazy-proof and absolutely active. Even Microsoft Word has through the Linux Korner 2.4 completely new functions.

All freaks and self-appointed specialists were in the forum contribution on the wrong track, if they tried to portray me as a DAU, because Linux is really workfather next to all operating systems and even washes a unclean windows completely back. Openpore calls Linus Torvald the novel procedure, which guarantees the ingredient of colors on the surface. He also says goodbye to the attack on Windows, but integrates it simply and simple. And because he takes the absolutely easiest way and thus withdrawing all the discussions the ground, Torvald has also come up with a new revolutionizing license system. From now on, only the kilogram usage will be charged. So it’s about plus, Aldi and Tengelmann give a 7 kg bundle for laughing 10.99 DM. Of course, it will remain a permanent low price to enforce the everyone system in this way final in the market. Also new is the fact that you can now take 60 machines with the 7 kg. This makes a Linux installation only 18.3 pfennige costs and thus strikes the internet download by Langen.

In the gossip, it is called for the new OpenPore system: "However, the new Linux is considered as superior user-friendly and should be installed and usable by any housewife." At least I will quickly buy the 59 other computers now and first organize a coarse wash of the Windows operating systems. My cat will also be happy about a clean operating system, and I plan a course offer for Linux installation.

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