Licenses for the dead

From January, the new patent law of the World Trade Organization, Medical Nothelfer Farried Medicine Bag in Development States

Only a few years ago was medical aid organizations of the breakthrough. Due to the flat-covering use of post-produced drugs, so-called generics, the treatment costs were massively lowered for devastating diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria. In the case of AIDS therapies, a price reduction of 10 was achieved through the use of the inexpensive praising praparates.000 US dollars per person per year to a good 150 dollars. "Only then can we and other aid organizations can expand our programs", Tobias’s fuilent says about the doctors without limits.

But now the success is in danger: through the international trade regime of the WTO. From the first of January, the World Organization requires a number of developing and emerging markers to include international patent law in their national legislation.

A new examination, the fold for the "Doctors Without Borders" has created, now shows, "that the generic reproduction is retained again and further". If these praparates are now gone, the drug supply threatens to collapse in width parts of the so-called third world together, because there are simply no means for the expensive originalpraparates available.

Generic production in danger

The background of the Fragwurren WTO policy is the so-called agreement via trade-related aspects of intellectual property (Trips). In 1995, in 1995, in the role of the WTO, deadlines for the implementation of the patent guidelines were set. While international patent law in industrialized countries has been uniformly since the beginning of the year 2000, emerging and development standards must be spated the specifications from the 1. Follow January 2005. Only the poor development states have time to establish international patent law until the beginning of 2016.

It is by no means the standardization of fair and global commercial law, as the fearsers of the Trips paper want to believe. Numerous corporations from industrialized countries have secured the rights on known brands in recent years. The onslaught on the patents not only concerned the pharmaceutical industry, including foods (such as the rice sorts of Basmati) are now exclusive products of certain companies. With the help of the WTO, you can set the prices in and other world regions on a correspondingly high level (pills and patents).

Particularly affected by the new WTO commitments in the medical field is the Indian pharmaceutical industry (won: the pharmaceutical industry). Three companies specialized in recent years on the production of imitators for AIDS treatment with so-called antiretroviral drugs. This was possible by the Indian Patent Law from the year 1970 although production steps under copyright protection, but not the products. According to the chemical analysis of the original medicines, the Indian pharmaceutical companies therefore implemented the production process and thus could demonstrate the expensive medication to a fraction of costs – without violating patent law.

On the first of January this procedure is set a year. While even drugs can be improved as generic drugs, but only in cases where the patent was filed before 1995. In medication developments from the past ten years, however, the original developers can then be reconciled patent rights or exclusive marketing rights.

Medicines become priceless

Especially for the AIDS evaluation, significant problems arise. As with many other infectious diseases, after the outbreak of immunotchrangedness, patients form resistance or discontinuation against the active ingredients used in the event of a certain treatment period. If this happens, new drugs are used.

"We will be able to cover the first therapy line, because there are preparations used, which have been on the market for quite some time", Discarded fold in conversation with telepolis. However, if these substances indeed dear in their effect, individual exchanges used so far have already been funding for antiretroviral therapy for the antiretroviral therapy. "At the latest in the third therapy line, we will probably not pay any medication from the coming year", So the AIDS expert. The generic therapy of medical aid organizations had another advantage: Praparates of various manufacturers could be pressed into a tablet.

An example of this is the combination of Triomune of the Indian manufacturer Cipla. This Praparar is qualitiated by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is taken twice a day. As original ed to the patients had to take six tablets daily. Especially in infrastructured regions, this is an important logistical relief in the treatment and demands the therapy adhesence of the patients considerably. The patent rights for the three ingredients contained are three pharmaceutical companies and a university. The patent holders have not yet been able to agree on cooperation.

From the study "Patent protection and the future of drug access in poor countries" by Tobias Duppe and Stephan Kreister (doctor without limits)

Prere on producing companies necessary

Undoubtedly, the Federal Government is in the obligation to do. "Access rights to (…) Medical care for all people worldwide are essential requirements for development and must therefore (…) be secured", In the coalition agreements between SPD and Bundnis90 / the Grunen.

the "Doctors Without Borders" Demand, therefore, companies of the researcher medicine industry "Through dialogue and interference from the Federal Government, transparent price reductions, patent delays in poor countries, for awarding voluntary production licenses and strong research on negligible diseases" to move. Finally, the WTO also provides the contestment of so-called forced licenses for pharmaceuticals in special hard muts. The Hurden Dafur are high. If possible, it always rejoices, is the trial between affected states and producers.

When medical aid organizations in the past year wanted to move the pharmaceuticals GlaxoSmithKline and Boehringer Ingelheim to such a voluntary license for Sudafrika, however, their disease was roughly. Only by "significant political prere, an informed public and the credible threat with a compulsory license" Had the companies inherent, says fold. But that was probably only a taste of the imminent conflicts from January, if it is called: money or life.

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