Licence to kill

The teachings of an imam in Hamburg in 2000

For a prize at the Berlinale, it was not enough, but that was already foreseeable. A movie with just a Actor, who still does not devise from the square for two hours and always reads from the leaf to a pair of sphering looks into the camera – such a film requires patience, attention and pronounced interest in the topic. However, this interest exists, the gross premier hall occupied up to the last place was testified.

While in Iraq, two Germans are still exhausted, and to take place at international level rough demonstrations and even burn embassies, just because a few danic strokes were drawn with beard, the fog banks have become the background of the 11. September still not lifted. The trail of the consisting facts did not last new up the beginning of this month when the Hanseatic Oberlandgericht (OLG) has acquitted the defendant Abdelghani Mzoudi for lack of evidence. The court saw no clear evidence for the fact that the 31-year Moroccans became membership in a terrorist association or aid to murder in around 3.000 fall guilty. However, the chairman Richter Klaus Ruhle complained about that he had not provided sufficient evidence from the US side.

Maybe this evidence does not exist. Not always, stringent cause / effect relationships can be occupied – even then when it comes to the so-called Islamic terrorism. And with primary sources committed themselves in most cases only the orientalists and islamic scientists, and rarely also highlight the law enforcement behaviors of a country. Exactly at this point, the work of the Berlin filmmaker Romuald Karmakar uses.

Photo: Pantera movie

At the end of the 1990s, the Moroccan became Mohammed Fazazi Imam The Al-Quds Mosque in Hamburg. In January 2000, in the last days of the Lake Fasting Month Ramadan, Fazazi held several so-called lessons in the mosque prayer room, where those present could face the most diverse questions about various aspects of life that they usually had to submit in writing. These meetings were recorded on video and distributed in the bookstore of the mosque and outside. For Romual Karmakar, these recordings formed the documentary starting material, from the out of him the "Hamburger lessons" crystallized.

After the hitting in New York and Washington, it became known that three of the four suicide pilots, as well as other persons who "Hamburger group" are attributed, regularly visited the Al-Quds mosque and also in close contact with Imam Fazazi, which returned to his home to Morocco in October 2001. Whether the three of the attack dates of the 11. In terms of September at these two appointments documented in the year in 2000, it is not known. Fazazazi, who emanates the Koran in a conservative form, now subles a 30-year prison sentence in his home Morocco, because he should have inspired the terrorist attack by Casablanca.

This Imam represents the Salafist variant of Islam, which relates to the Prophet Muhammad, his dangerous and the first generations of Muslims. He tries to put the life of a today’s Muslim in relation to the behavior of people from the 7., 8th. and 9. century. This spagge to put things in relation to anything from this time and to derive behaviors for the present, is not very easy. And you also realize in the movie that many Muslims in the prayer room had problems.

Romuald Karmakar Photo: Pantera movie

In the course of a monthly and extremely precision work, Karmakar and his team succeeded in reconstructing the complete wording of two meetings of January 2000 on the basis of the video. The cinematic transmission in German relies on the actor Manfred Zapatka, who already at the success of the "Himmler project" was crucial by Karmacar, a similarly structured film document on a three-a-trusted secret speech Heinrich Himmler.

Without any mimic deflection, the cute and factual interpretation of Zapatkas allows to meet the internal logic of an Islamist thinker and preachers. The read text is interrupted again and again by findings of terms that are Termini Technici and also mentioned in the Arabian original. Bidaa, for example, what reform is called and as a deviation from the Koran and the Sunna is principle of ubel.

From Zapatka’s mouth are stranger words that he does not approprute. He does not present her, he only speaks her.

Ekkehard Knorer

In addition to almost romantic interpretations of the Holy night of the Landing Monat Ramadan, about the strict conditions of female individual trips or answers to the question of who behaved at all the Umma, the (virtual) Muslim community, treated Fazazi also topics where they are easily shuddering can: Who is through "Protection arrangements" or other regulations? Who is on the other side and is ultimately one "enemy" and thus "stageable"? Form the women and children of the incredigious a lawful prey for the victorious Islamic warriors?

The significantly reduced staging before static video cameras is still a dramatization – and that’s exactly the profit of this recitation. It takes a long time to deal with the unforgigous questionnaire until in the abnormal religious questionnaire. However, the embedding of a license to the dead into one in widths comprehensible, yes introducing pastors, which has a theological council in every problem of everyday life, makes the cautionary demonstration art exploring.

Daniel Kothenschulte

Imam Fazazi also borders sharply opposite the Muslim mainstream demanded by Saudi Arabia, as he z.B. from the TV station "Iqra" reprintage. But he also wife he has to hang his tongue. For this reason, he draws up several times on the well-known formula "and God will know better" Back to have not to be set to unambiguous recommendations that might have brought him here in Germany otherwise even criminal consequences.

The Hamburg Fazazazi lessons act from the difference between credo and incredigious, from thefts that are allowed in the war contradiction to unbelief, of the ubels of human rights and democracy and of how all the democracy participants became warfuhrendenders against Islam whose good, honor and life are allowed to be touched. Because the God of Democracy is the people, and thus the true God and his inviolable behavioral matregulants. Of course, that’s what this theological argument is used in the moment to survive the freedom of the other, the gate opens to the willkur, repression and terrorism. Karmakar’s work allows us to understand how the subtle manipulation of "Credo" actually takes place in Islam. Maybe this can therefore be sensitized by the manipulation attempts of the West.

Hamburger lessons. Book Romuald Karmakar in collaboration with Achmed Khammas, Gunther Orth, Maria Legann, F. Franzmathes, Dirk Laabs, Katrin Berg and Ouifaq Benkiran. Lectorate Sten Nadolny.

Pantera Film GmbH, Uhlandstr. 160, D-10719 Berlin Tel.: 030-88 62 76 77 info @

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