Libya: schlager and tug “local safety force” to defend migrants?

Libya: Schlager and Tug'lokale sicherheitskrafte' zur abwehr von migranten?


The new Minister of Interior Salvini wants to continue the concept of his transaction of Minniti. Important element is already the prevention of departures at the Kuste

The Libyan Kustenwache is considered a little bit tender; Several times they were accused of lakes that they threatened with weapons and undergoing juccy sailorovers to get migrants in the right boat they bring back to Libya and not in an Italian harbor. From NGO employees was to horen that it applies the Libyan Kustenwache to animer.

An interview with ABD Al-Rahman Al-Milad makes the impression that it is not exactly squeamish persons who have a very own segregation of dealing with each other. The boss of a Kustenwachen unity in the Libyan Zawiya (also Sawija) declares against against Reuters in the Libyan Zawiya (also Sawija) that he beats migrants, but only "So that you sit properly in the boat and do not make false movements that bring the boat to the car".

The education of the EU

As Al-Milad sees the location, it’s about preventing a rough need with beating. It fits the overall situation that, when it comes to dealing with migrants from Libya, is characterized by hard, of which many claim that it is necessary.

Hope is that EU trainers of the Libyan Kustenwache were engaged and could be good enough to convey human-friendly handling. For example, help and talk to people who are picked up in Seenot is the first option and not strike.

The interest of Al-Milad in Reuters Interview is going out, a small (everyday life-?) To give hard to demonstrate credibly coarse premiere. Against Al-Milad, as reported here briefly reported by the sanctions from the UN Security Council – because of violence and entanglement to the tractor network.

"Sometimes mistakes are made"

Sacrifice of his rescue actions also help him to bring migrants into one of the Libyan hollen camps. According to research of Washington Post, Al-Milad has good contacts with militia, which leads the Al-Nasr camp. His militia was also seen there. For Al-Milad is there "confusion" before. Other groups were operated by the uniform of his militias, is quoted by the Washington Post.

Even against Reuters al-Milad contradicts all charges against him. The Security Council has no evidence. He was not a tug or locker, but a legitimate officer in the Libyan Navy and lead the only unit of Kustenwache, who has been working since 2014. His monthly salary is 820 Libyan Dinar, which according to Reuters is $ 600 after the official rate and 120 dollars on the black market.

His men were sometimes make mistakes, he says. People smuggling, that’s the business of his "Rivals". In fact, the premieges in his sanction failure have not yet been reviewed by a court, which is why caution is appropriate.

That "Italian concept"

On the other hand, relations with another man, which is also accused of an important position in the tractor smuggling network, namely Mohammed Kachlaf, not deny. Kachlaf is a cousin Al-Milads. And the ominoses relationships Milads, who is a very well-known figure in Sawija, did not invent the UN.

Also interesting is Al-Milad and his network because of the Libyan Kustenwache and the militias that deal with tractors and detention centers, too "Italian concept" and the EU is looking at.

That "Italian concept", As it was developed by the Interior Minister of Previous Government, Marco Minniti, consisting of three basic elements: preventing departures of migrants already at the Kuste Libyan, the scattering of the Kustenwache and the expansion of the search and rescue zone, in which the Libyan Kustenwache the Say, and where they returned the migrants to Libya resetted from Seenot or picked up.

One of the many statistics brought to light in recent days states that, since mid-2017, it has been proportionate more than twice as many migrants as previously back to Libya, but that the number of people who picked up in the Mediterranean or saved since the beginning of 2016 about it remained stable.

The migration researcher Matteo Villa concludes the conclusion that not the "Push-back" The Libyan Kustenwache The cause of Dafur were that the numbers of the migrants arriving in Italy declined significantly from mid-July 2017, but that the main reason can be found at the Kuste, on the mainland in Libya.

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