Libya: air startens from the united arab emirates

Libya: Air Startens from the United Arab Emirates

F-16 of the UAE airforce. Image: US Army; public-free

Like the United Emirates, Egypt and Qatar in Libyan power struggle intervention

from "unknown aircraft", attacking the destinations in the capital Tripoli, was recently talked about the Libyan Schlamassel several times (war in Libya – "The next Afghanistan"?To). Observers wondered in the face of the survivors of the USA, Italy, France in this airspace about the credging of the Intelligence "unknown". Four unknown, ranking US representatives now caused an enlargement: There were aircraft from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who intervened by Egyptens, in Libyan’s warfare.

It has evidence that battle jets from the UAE had attacked destinations in Tripoli and the surrounding area from the UAE a week and twice last weekend, the official opponents of the New York Times. Egypt should have putting up tracks for the fraction.

The message was quickly absorbed and disseminated by media in the Arab region; the guides in Egypt and in the UAE denote – however, how the American newspaper report indicates, with a lot of air and interpretation.

US Foreign Ministry is surprised

If it goes according to the report from the US, the Obama government was surprised by the intervention of the Emiratic Fighting Jets in Partnership with Egypt, Washington was not informed, it is notified. Whether the American intelligence services and militars actually did not know anything? Whether Obama is pursuing a proxy policy or one of the long leash here?

Libya: Air Startens from the United Arab Emirates

F-16 of the UAE airforce. Image: US Army; public-free

The Non-Initiation of the United States was fit in the picture, which has been widespread for a long time from the US Near-East Politics in the Office: that the government Obama shows itself as a schanellos and too placed. If it was about Syria, then the Saudi-Arab was exhausted that the American government opposed an intervention and even with the friend of the Syrian government, Russia, a deal Castle.

Preview of the lack of suspicion in the Middle East had to be followed by the US Aufemister also from Israeli side. Also from Egypt, signals aroused against the Skepticism of the United States due to the military powers that the US had little idea of the regional necessities.

Meanwhile, the USA of the Egyptian Government – a short time after the anniversary of the massacre, which the militar had organized under protesting attachments and members of the Muslim Brother – namely as-sisi officially certified that he "Democratic transition" In Egypt Added . It is not clarified by AUBEN how closely cooperation between Egypt and the USA is on a military-intelligence level. Connections that have been built up for many decades, but give it enough.

The joint explanation of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the United States

If one reads the official Community explanation yesterday in Washington in the name of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the USA to Libya, so it is a significant condemnation of air raids to find. Insofaring also an interest in the US, if they are with the attacks of the "unknown planes" unconnected

The governments of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the United States condemn the escalation of the struggle and violence in Tripoli, Bengasi and their surroundings, as well as in all Libya, especially if there are residential areas, public buildings and important infrastructure – through attacks on the country and air attacks.

The air raids with death victims, which were also residential areas, came from the Jets from the United Emirates, which are still resorted to the military attacks in the course of the No-Fly Zone 2011.

First, they were attributed to the Libyan Putschgeneralal with CIA links, Khalifa Haftar, because the early General in Gaddafi’s services, previously worked closely with the Libyan Air Force responsible and for his "Operation was", In the episode that Parliament has been spent and new elections were proclaimed, Libyan fighting jets had served. But were the unknown planes and their attacks of other caliber.

Target: "Fight against Islamist terrorists" and front change

Egypt has to say the least, sympathy for Haftar, who is his power struggle under the motto "Fight the Islamic terrorists" asks why he also pays the Libyan Muslim Brother and thus collects points. United Arab Emirates, as well as Saudi Arabia – nervous, as regards the range of action of Islamist groups, apparently so much that they steps to action this time.

Noteworthy in many ways – also in terms of arms deliveries in crisis areas – is the position of Katars and Turkey. Stood their "Shelter" In 2011 in the fight against Gaddafi still in a front with those who have also supported the Western Lander and the Arab friends, on the front of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the situation has now changed. Qatar – and according to New York Times also the Turkey – now support the opponents of the groups supported by the UAE and Egypt.

Although more detailed analysis, as again and again of reports with a coarse relief is emphasized and shown in details, in Libya for further, more differentiated conflicts than the cinema lacquer fight of the "Good against Islamist militias", But after Auben urges this message.

Thus, in the simplified perspective considered "the good ones" Those who are non-Islamistic, such as the median militia, which have played a rough role in the deposition of Gaddafis and are proud of their Arab origin. They benefited the air understatement of the UAE.

Your opponents who are "Operation Morgenrote" together and conquered the international airport in Tripoli and destroyed, arelamist militias from Misrata. You have narrowest connections to Qatar. It goes to the New York Times so there is also information that does not want to completely joint the simplifying coarse templates. Thus, the Islamist groupings were also bonded, the "nothing to do with the political Islam, but not with one "Egyptian counterrevolution".

Of course the loser is: the civilic vacation.

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