Koln: insight into tender structures

"Kolner themes" On the agenda: During the NRW Landtag debated, the police have all the hands full

The Kolner Silvesternacht and the youngest ABI celebrations run from the rudder ("Rough Randale") Amed on Thursday the debates of the NRW Landtag. In the interior committee, politicians talked about the current clearance results of the Kolner police, here above all the Kolner "Investigation group New Year". You captured 1 so far.527 offenses with 1.Sacrifice. The disparities are almost all from abroad.

According to the current state of ordinances, 103 of 153 phrases from Morocco or Algeria, with 68 people are asylum seekers, in 47 cases is the outstanding status unexplained. Four people are registered as unaccompanied minor flights, in case of custody are currently 24 suspected tatters. "express" Haves a brisant photo soon made from mobile phone one of the victims. But it remains a problem to make the TATER Dingfest.

In the course of the investigation and already senior proceedings before the Kolner District Court, the police have now always obtain more accurate insights into the Milieu North African offensth. Often this is about "Hagere beside" without valve papers. "They have thrown away the IDs to prevent deportation", Such one of the judges, Amand Scholl, who adds in the interview: "It is not uncommon for my defendants to have five to seven identities. (…) My personal record were 19 different identities."

Looking to another sad record – and at the same time at the responsibility of the resist doubts: The Islamist Tarek Belgacem, which came from Tunisia, used 20 different names on his years of zigzag course across Europe in Paris, which came from Tunisia.

"No security concept"

In press reports, meanwhile, the role of NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jager (SPD) is discussed in connection with the explanation of the forelegal. Already in "Examination Committee Silvestern Night" On the 7. Marz had contradicted a witness to the Minister of the Interior. It was about the security concept for the Rhine. Jager had claimed that the city of Koln refused a blocking of the Hohenzollernbrucke for Fubganger and cyclists. Also on Kolner Bruchen, it had come to threatening in the New Year’s Eve.

The Department Manager of the City, Jorg Breetzmann, said,, however, the assertion of Jagers: The regulatory service had the Hohenzollernbrucke – she flees directly to the main train station – "at any time" can be locked; The city has finally presented a concept to securing the Rheinbrucken.

However, so Breetzmann, for the Silvestern End Generally, the city of Koln had no security concept. Such a template is unknown to him, according to the respondent in the Committee of Inquiry of the Landtag Beginning Marz.

Civilvahnder cares only at the two or threesome approached, they fledged them to become victims of surprise. "Driven into the narrow, they are unscrupulous and were also cut off when they can", An official told against the Kolner City-Anzeiger.

Project "Nafri"

In the colander downtown and on the popular amusiermiles, for example the Kolner wrestling, the tatter already habitually party gangers and tourists – and behave excessively hurried and routinely: "Normally, the two or third before", reports an investigator who observed the scene. "But that the cells sloped together as in the Silvestern Night to collect together over their victims, that has a new quality."

The young North Africans have been in the sight of police investigations for many months. As the first police worker in NRW, the Kolner Policeprasidium already has an evaluation and analysis project named in January 2013 "Nafri" ("North African") initiated to "In-depth findings and possible tatter structures" to obtain. "Nafri" Recognized data to more than 21 so far.000 offenses, 17.000 people North African origin can be found in the register of the authorities. and "Nafri" Stop the police: In 2015 alone, the investigation only applied to North Africans on 1.947. As the district court of Koln communicates, in 2015, 246 accelerated proceedings against Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian State Bunders were conducted (2014: 208).

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