Knife attacks on left partial activist and shot on splited

The right violence has been escalated since the beginning of the year

The Schwerin Left Party Activist Julian Kinzel owes the only one of his thick winter jacket that he did not wear heavier injuries in Wismar in a knife attack in Wismar.

"The three taders hit him down and stabbed him, according to the treating doctors, with a knife about 17 times on their victim. He was rejected as a ‘gay communistenau’. This and the clothing of one of the tatters with scene-typical clothing (Thor Steinar) the suspicion that it is a right-wing extremist motivated offense", Does it be on the homepage of the Schwerin Left Party.

(Addendum of the Red.: In the meantime, doubts are logged in to the version, for example from the NDR. According to a trial, after considering the consideration of film recordings, it is unlikely that "so equal and superficial wound picture after a knife attack crashed with the thick arm" Continue.To)

Wismar has already taken care of by right violence in recent years by right violence. So there was a demonstration against right violence from a house inhabited by Neonazis in 2007. Two years later, neo-Nazis went back to demonstrating anti-fascist in front of a right scenel. On a video is to see how policemen only with a pulled weapon could hold the rights before further attacks on the demonstrators. But the right violence is a nationwide problem.

The Federal Board of Left places the attack against Kinzel in the context of growing right radicalization, which in recent months in Germany. "For months, we have been experiencing an increasing extremism from the right, an increasing radicalization that ranges to the center of society: attacks on escape, escape fellings, volunteer helpers, on politicians and their buros. In contrast, an insufficient number of tender detections and a subterranean declaration rate is", Write the federal supplies of the Left Matthias Hohn.

In the last few months, the attacks on Parteiburos of the Left have grown. Employees became as "Volksverrater" insulted and verbally threatened with death. In addition to activists of the left were also grunes and social democrats affected, which have used the rights of the enameled. It is clear that the hazeness is against sampled a catalyst of the right attacks. Supporters from parties and civil society organizations are also targeted by the rights.

Shot on splited

At 4. January 2016, the months eligible attacks on enameled once again. In the Hessian Dreieich was first shot into an inhabited accommodation. A young Syrian was hit and had to be treated in the hospital. "Shortly before 02.30 o’clock were delivered to a window of building several shot, one of which slightly injured the sleeping there. The man was brought to a hospital and could leave this again after a short of his doctoral treatment", It is called in a press release of the police chest Sudhesse.

In addition to these spectacular attacks, everyday racism is also growing around escape feet in certain regions. This is done by Marzahn-Hellersdorf, which neo-Nazis and legal populists already selected in 2013 as the district, where they organized themselves as neighbors and worried burger for the construction of a nationally liberated zone (welcome grub of escape and police protection). After not reaching your goal, everyday racism has increased in the region.

Only last month, the last registered racist attack found in the district of Satt. "Tatort was extremely burdened in 2014 and 2015 area around the intersection of Blumberger Damm / Landsberger Allee", explains an employee of the antiracist registration office at the Alice Salomon University.

It is due to its continuous research that the rights of everyday violence is registered. Especially before and after the collection of the enamed in the former school in the district, the situation was observed very closely from a rough part of the media. But that has meanwhile changed. If not particularly spectacular attacks as in dreich happen, the media reactions are now low. The everyday racism, with which the enclosed, but also the residents who are confronted with them are confronted, is normalized.

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