July 2001: usama meets cia!

The WTC Conspiracy XX

An objection often caught by critics of conspirological thinking is that with gross conspiracy with many stakeholders, such as Z.B. The Kennedy murder, impossible to keep all the witnesses and evidence about the years or decades under the ceiling. Even because of this unlikability, such conspiracy theories could apply to the rarest traps. This seems to be obvious at first glance, but also a bit naive on the second, because only the all-dummest conspirators consumed in the entire plan. As a rule, the simplest mafia structure works after the "Need to know" -Principle: The single small cycle only knows what it needs to know, and little or nothing about the whole project – even if one or the other involved involved, the head of conspiracy remain.

As far as the WTC attack is concerned, such a coarse variance could not remain completely under the ceiling in the long term, whether it is now on secret organizations like "Al Qaeda" was executed or by such as "Cia", from both together or someone else. One or the other cycle will emerge, unworked, come to daylight – the overall structure is therefore not uncovered, especially as it is at the same time to cover up, to swap, to swap, to swap.

A possible little cycle in this straw case is currently in cope in Canada. His story, which is reported in the newspaper Toronto Star, is hoped so that she can not actually be invented. The 35-year American Delmart E. Vreeland was arrested a few months ago in Toronto because of fraud with folded credit cards, because of similar passes in California and Florida, the US set a delivery request. After his arrest, Vreeland claimed to be involved in the secret service of the US Navy and concealed operations. He demanded Canadian intelligence employees to talk to a statement: he had information about an upcoming gross terrorist attack.

He did not believe him, especially since a request had given the Navy that he served in 1986 after two years "dishonorable" had been released. Vreeland claims on the other hand, organized by 1986 on behalf of the Navy drug smuggling and then removed more concealed activities. Since one as ordinary criminals were classified and did not answer, he wrote a written statement four weeks before the striking with his information and overturned the prison facilities in a closed envelope to his files. These off the writing on 14. 9. and prompted it immediately to the government agents in Ottawa.

Over the content of the letter, nothing has become known in the trial against Vreeland so far. His salaries get the delivery request, because their client in the US allegedly threatened the death penalty. But since even George W. Bush left anyone due to credit card fraud, the case will remain interesting.

That a little cycle involved on the edge of the event somewhere, two and two collapsed, the leaching with fantasy and unpacked the plans of a coarse variance to rescue his skin, is conceivable. Also, perhaps in the semi-world charged exemplaries and Moods-James-Bond – with uncovered checks should be Vreeland U.a. a yacht and cart charges have best procured champagne – for the "company" sometimes still half-defect jobs does not seem to be untypical. Just ask what happens when Vreeland’s ominose statement actually contains information about the stop?

But during I still think about the secondary rolls of small half-ferrous agents, the Parisian daily "Figaro" Taking up a bomb that goes far beyond the dubious role of small boundary figures: the governor of the CIA in Dubai equipped in the summer of this year in the local "American Hospital" a hospital attendance of a special kind, namely at the current world enemy no. 1 USama Bin Ladin, the one of the 4. Until 14. To have been stationed July 2001:

"During his hospitalization I received Ladin many visits to family members and prominent Saudis and Emiratis. It was also the local CIA agent many in Dubai and seen when he took the main deduction to Ladin’s hospital room. A few days later he boasted some friends against being visited by Ladin. Official sources report that the CIA agent on the 15. July, the day after the Bin Ladin returned to Quetta (Pakistan), was called back to the headquarters."

This man from the branch of the "company" in Dubai Rinmal interviewmabig on the tooth to to be found what it went eight weeks before the attack on chatting studies with the top terrorist urology patient, in the rough and large and in particular, ware of journalistic surely a charming task. What brings such a prominent millionairbosis weight, which already has everything, special with the sick? A handful carpet gauge certainly not, a Doschen anthrax perhaps – with friendly recommendations of the chemical department -, a kilo coke for refreshment soiled holy warriors, the last executive report of the Carlyle Group – with pits of the whole family Bush to the whole family Ladin? Or the necessary codes for the hijackers to flick out the air traffic control and can lead direct telephones with the Air Force One (Bush should be a shortly after the stop "Impact" have received directly in his plane?

Too bad that such an interview from ground the "National security" Currently can not be guided. Also the question of why usama on the 14th. July unlimited from the US Air Force with his private jet from Dubai to Pakistan, and disappeared in his hollow, must therefore remain unanswered. But she gives a reason more, the bankruptcy of the CIA headquarters Langley no longer only under the observation, but slowly maybe under shelling.

The conspirative influence axis "CIA-ISSI Ossama-Taliban", which we ventilated here for weeks is now from the area of guesses based on indications and suspicion due to historical parallels in the field of fact. A detailed article by Professor Michel Chodovsky: "Cover-up Or Complication of the Bush Administration? The Role of Pakistan’s Military Intelligence Agency (ISI) in The September 11 Attacks!" from 2. November it probably shows documented. Where was the ISI Director now dismissed because of the transfer to Atta, Generalutant Mahmoud Ahmad (see Manus Manum Lavat – Money Money Lavamat), on the 11th. September? In the USA. And what did he do there? He drove in the days before the stop talk with top representatives of the Pentagon and the sightseeous exhaust … About the post-war order.

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