Italy: world equation corruption

A new scandal was able to make the Movimento 5 job at the European elections to the strongest party

In world exhibitions, rough amounts of tax benefit – not only of the host country, but also from the participating policies. In Milan, where the World Exhibition takes place in 2015, it is 2.3 billion euros. Alone the Federal Republic of Germany pays 48 million euros.

A gross part of this money goes to contractor. That – cautiously formulated – not always the best to come to the move, already paid construction work, which only partially or not exist. Several of the buildings planned in Milan are probably not ready for EXPO 2015 in good time.

Last week came out by investigation of the Maillander Jamwhalte Ilda Boccassini (known from the Ruby process against Silvio Berlusconi Italy-wide) that contractors who did not want to rely on their competitiveness in the public contract could not turn to three politicians in the Social Democratic Government Party PD and the Conservative Competition forza Italia are well connected. One of them, the Social Democrat Primo Greganti, was in 1993 before corruption in court.

After a total of 80 house searches in Milan and several other bads, Greganti is now sitting as well as the former Forza-Italia Senator Luigi Grillo, the prominent Christemocrat Gianstefano Frigerio and the Expo-operator company Angelo Paris, since Thursday in custodial. A high official provided Boccassini under house arrest.

Italy: World Equation Corruption

Beppe Grillo. Photo: Niccolò Caranti. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

Media and mood reports suggest that Affare could lead to that many approaches of Berlusconi party Forza Italia and the Social Democratic PD at the European choice of 25. May from frustration about a seemingly reformational political system stay at home or Beppe Grillos reform movement could elect 5 star rangs, the coarse projects like the Expo for a long time before scandal as a waste of money.

In the last surveys of 9. May lies "M5s" with 22 to 26.4 percent in 2nd place behind the Social Democrats of Minister Prosident Matteo Renzi, which are measured between just over 30 and just under 35 percent. Berlusconis Forza Italia occupies 16.3 to 20.9 percent place three. Opportunities to a skipping of the four percent locking clause also have the separatist Lega Nord (4.5 to 6.8 percent), which coaliates with the Social Democrats "New right center" (4.6 to 7 percent percent), the Liberal Bundis Scelta EuropeA (2.1 to 4.5 percent) and the left alliance L’Altra Europe (3 to 6.3 percent).

Should the Movimento 5 position on the 25. May be significantly better and strongest party will keep observers new elections at the state level not for excluded.

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