It was just a youth class…

YouTube and Co. – Our weekly telepolis video check

It was not all bad among our coarse vadres. This opinion is or was also the publicist and lawyer Andreas Abu Bakr Rieger, who makes the following statement in a video: "Like the Turks, we have already loved Germans in history for a good thing, although I have to admit that my coarse father at our common main enemy were not very basic."He said this on a reveal Turkish-Islamic Assembly. And that was, of course, a found eating for the people of "PoliticallyIncorRect" and the axis of the good who likes to link to the video on their pages.

It was just a youth sound ..

That "Abu Bakr Rieger Fiasko"

But also their opponents from the watchblog islamophobia pointed to the movie and published an email she had written to Rieger. In it, among other things, it is called: the statements made in the video we find, the least, interpretation requirement. For the team of the watchblog, anti-Semitism and islamophobia are two sides of a medal, quite apart from that video gives the impression that it was a majority for anti-Semitism in Turkey."

It was just a youth sound ..

Re: Rural – StormFuhrer

Meanwhile, Rieger answered: "The statement quoted here is – as far as I remember – 14 years ago and was obviously as stupid and unclear as the event itself."And wipes his statement after a good old German way from the table: It was just a youth class, as you also committed many of our coarse father.

TV Advertising – Apple Lisa

The video itself has now disappeared with Youtube, for that there is a parody here.

Disappeared (or blocked) are now also numerous neonazi videos from this video platform – especially films with the music of the band forbidden in Germany "rural". Nevertheless, there are still videos, for example, with a "song, which lets our great Furer Adolf Hitler the long-term honorary honor". If that knew the driver, he was determined by the User StahlhelmCombat18, which has uploaded this video because of its poor rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdrungs. And where the ideology of rural and co. leads, shows this video.

Hot Dick’s News

And now at the end of our quick run: the advertising of Telekom, this proves this video, becomes more and more honest. Although Apple has started small, but after all Kevin Costner was equal to the PR game. Why the Japanese gladly let the sow out, betrayed a look into this Japanese textbook.

Since, for tomorrow’s Saturday in Berlin, among other things against the data retention is demonstrated, we like to quickly point to the film planet under observation. And now it goes with Google and Apollo on the moon.

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