“Iphone 13”-clogged: always-an-screen, new jerking, better magsafe

Which innovations are planning Apple for the "iphone 13", that is expected in the fall? Currently the magnifying position is still relatively Dunn, especially since large changes in the form factor is probably not provided. Different youtubers and analysts have now published fresh predictions, the right probably sound.

Always-on display "minimally configurable"

Thus, the well-known Leaker Max Weinbach in a video allocation asserts that Apple will give the new models for the first time a so-called always-on display. This meant that the OLED screen of the devices remains steady thanks to LTPO technology, as you know it from the Apple Watch.

So the iPhone – How to know it from various Android models -, for example, always show the time, battery size or fresh notifications without the screen in the meantime. Apple permit here but only one "Minimal configuration".

120 Hertz, firmer Magsafe

Furthermore, Weinbach, Apple will be at the jerse part at least the Pro models make changes. These should get a new mat texture so that the device can slip less easily out of hand. In addition, the leader believes in the installation of a 120-Hertz-knowledge display (also known as the competition) and improved Magsafe technology with more magnetic power.

Previously, there had already been speculation that Apple had the "iPhone 13" An additional fingerprint sensor (Touch ID). Similarly, Analysts suspect that Apple despite the pretty moderate sales figures on a mini variant of the "iPhone 13" hold on.

No blood sugar monitoring, but airtag?

Also to other new Apple products has new things. So he does not believe that the Apple Watch has been a blood sugar monitoring this year. Apple has been working on technology for years. Weinbach’s competitor Jon Prosper, whose exemption is not always ideal, meanwhile says that the long-awaited airtag will appear in Marz.

The trackers could be presented together with new iPad-Air models. However, a corresponding invitation had to go to Journalists soon. The event was allowed to be completely recorded again.

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