Ios 13.5: apple brings corona update

IOS 13.5: Apple brings Corona Update

Apple has ios and iPados 13.5 Released on Wednesday evening for download. The operating system update for iPhones and iPads is in the sign of the coronavirus pandemic. To the rough innovations, the interface developed jointly with Google serves as the basis for corona warning apps: the "Exposure Notification API" Allows Apple’s appropriate health care apps to send and receive on iPhones in background operation Bluetooth IDs. After a long contact with a COVID19 infected, the user should then receive a warning message.

Bluetooth contact protocol for corona warning apps

For the time being, the Bluetooth contact log should only be activated by installing a state warning app. Man wool hospitals can be measured with their Covid19 apps "to make effective and at the same time to protect the privacy of the user", Specified Apple Chef Tim Cook with. According to Apple, the contact message API is introduced in 22 countries, Germany was also allowed to pay. A list of all embedded countries is not yet available.

At a later time, Apple and Google want to integrate the function deeper into their operating systems, then the contact track should be immediately possible after an opt-in, without having to load an app. On the iPad, Apple seems to give up the new interface.

IOS 13.5: Apple brings Corona Update

On an iPhone 11, the update is a good 420 Mbyte roughly.

With iOS 13.5 Does the manufacturer promise a simpler unlock over the facial recognition Face ID, if the user bears a facial mask.

The option for code input now appears faster on the lock screen when you wipes it to unlock upwards. This should also access authentication in the App Store and for payment from Apple Pay, Apple notes. A new feature in the FaceTime settings also allows you to deactivate the rapid store out of the speaker in video conferencing.

Less mistakes and vulnerabilities

In addition to the Corona-Pancang, the update also improves errors, including a problem, through the video streams "Some websites" could stay black in playback. The Share Sheet for sharing content works again more reliable when viewing proposing and promotions, writes Apple.

In advance, it has already been known that the manufacturer with the update also proceeds security swallowing. The weak points in Apple Mail, which apparently can not be used to measure at least one manipulation of e-mails without user interaction, were solved with it. Even a simple method that apps can give advanced rights should not work long. A complete list of security fires was allowed to be published in the course of the evening of Apple.

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