Injured democracy

The riots in Greece have social and political causes. That’s why you are a warning signal for other EU countries

Unbelievingly persecuted Europe these days the events in Greece: After the violent death of a 15-year schoolman, the Mediterranean State sinks in violence. The third night in a row delivered thousands of young people from Monday to Tuesday in the capital Athens Strast battles with the police. Non-managed and public building went up in flames. Trade associations already speak of a damage in high 100 million euros. The Government of the Conservative Kostas Karamanlis tries in crisis management and failed.

The worst unrest in the youngest history of Greece was the violent death of the 15-year Alexandros Grigoropoulos. The Schuler had been shot dead on Saturday by a police officer. According to unnecessary reports, Grigoropoulos should have a stone wagon with a group of teenagers, from which the shot were delivered, should have been thrown with stones. The death protection, a 37-year-old officer, indicates to have submitted warning thriss. That too is so far unemployed. Eyewitnesses said, however, the policeman Epaminonda’s corkona had made targeted on the boy. As is known in the meantime, a defender of the police officer made his mandate from conscientious. Previously, it had become known that Korkoneas was buried because of its brutality. Under colleagues he wore the nickname "Rambo".

For days, the protests last because of the death thriss. Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in Greek coarse dates against the government Karamanlis, who accuse them. In London and Berlin, adolescent activists occupied the diplomatic representations of the Mediterranean State. But the rage about the death of a 15-year-old is only drop, which has brought the barrel to overflow. The reason for the displeasure in the Greek population are deeper.

Social Forum: "This government must be toted"

In the meantime, the Groben demonstrations are no longer involved in the Greek police for their wealth extracences. In Athens and Thessaloniki, the two large city of the country, in addition to left parties and groupings, Schuler, students and teachers have ranked into the demonstrations. They urgently demand outstanding social reforms to improve the prekare situation of youth. surprisingly does not come. The catastrophic situation in schools and universities had repeatedly to protests in recent years – also to be twisted with the police -. The death thriss on the 15-year Andreas-Alexandros Grigoropoulos are seen by activists in the context of this social examination.

"The cold-free murder A 15-year school boy was the extreme expression of the police brutality, which has directed against mobilizations of any kind in recent years", it is called in one of students, workers, migrants, burgers, women, anti-fascists and ecological groups signed. Declaration of the Social Forum Greece of Monday.

In view of a general strike planned for Wednesday, the social forum activists called the trade unions to participate in the current protest movement: "The government must be gestured by this massive protest movement."

But the violent riots of the past few days were allowed to prevent this. According to a crisis session, Karamanlis Karamanlis uses on Tuesday morning "tough" against the demonstrators. At the same time, calls from "Autonomous" on where left opposition parties were attacked. A group called "Anti-imperialist component" Criticized the Communist Party established in Greece. You place one "stamina" because she "only one opinion published" have, bothered it in a distributed internet explanation. In fact, the KP had supported the protests, but pronounced against destroying shops.

Perspectivity is driving youth on the barricades

Only by further violence and a cleavage of the protest movement it could succeed the government of Karamanlis to bring the situation under control again. Politically she is 14 months after taking office at the end. When Greece was haunted shortly after the change of government of heavy forest bands, the conservative ruling party nea Dimokratia had ever failed in crisis management. The current protests prove their misconducts in social and education policy. This finding is based on at least in parts of government. Greece’s democracy is "injured", Will the Social Democratic Prasident Karolus Papoulis be quoted by the German News Agency.

But such customs serve in the larm of the strain battle. People in Greece now demand structural reforms. That especially schools, students and teachers stand at the top of this movement, is no wonder. Greece is one of the EU countries with the highest academic rate. But many graduates are on the strain because the labor market can not absorb them. Anyone who resolves a medical studies in Greece must set themselves to a waiting time of up to seven years to the specialist education. Not a few finished medical students concludes a second university degree in this time. At the pastime, not to improve the professional opportunities. Whole vendors of medical options are now moving to other EU countries or Ubersee. Whoever stays in Greece ends sometimes in a fast food restaurant instead of the hospital. In Greece one speaks of the "700 Euro Generation". A mass phenomena.

This social misery is due to political agony. Since the end of the military tacture in 1974, there is a two-party system in Greece, which does not provide real democratic options. The conservative NEA Dimokratia (ND) and the Social Democratic Pasok form a state administration, in corruption and caterpillar economy. It is often annoyed today that this reign of ND and Pasok was established during the Cold War under the participation of the former regional power of Gobritain to exclude left, the UDSSR related power. The formation of a functioning parliamentary democracy was thus prevented from the outset.

It is this social and political uneasiness that Greece does not come to rest. The riot reporting of the past days shines this background, but mostly.

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