Independent report: facebook does not do enough to protect burger rights

Independent report: Facebook does not do enough to protect burger rights

The final report of an independent, two-year investigation of Facebook’s guidelines and their implementation certifies the social network, not enough for the protection of user rights to do. Although there was progress, but as well "Significant rucks for the burger rights", So the authors and US Burgerrellers, Laura W. Murphy and Megan Cascace from the law firm Relman Colfax. The investigation had commissioned Facebook itself.

The 100th paper has been published on Wednesday. Facebook does not have the infrastructure to protect burger rights and place freedom of expression against discrimination against discrimination. Some decisions of the network were made contrary to the expertise of burger lawliers. Writing the authors of the report, many people who have been involved for years for burger rights and freedom of expression, be de-exchanged and sour because their use show little effect.

Facebooks insight hold in limits

Mark Zuckerberg showed little clearly, he repeatedly relied on freedom of expression, rated now improvement. His right hand, manager Sheryl Sandberg, had already been committed to the publication of the report on their Facebook profile, one will make changes.

But she also stressed that this was made because of the report and not because of the current advertising boycott: "We do not uplange things because of financial reasons or due to the prere of advertisers, but because it is the right one." In a blog post Sandberg now writes what everything has been done in the past two years and that continues to work on the standards. In addition, she thanks the authors.

Werveboykott destroyed organizers

Meanwhile, numerous rough companies have started a promotionBoycott, with which they want to put a print on Facebook, more against hatred and fake news. In addition, Unilever, Coca Cola, SAP, VW. Under the Hashtag StophateForprofit, they hope that the lack of revenue were to bring the social network to move. The protest should also be extended to the Facebook subsidiary Instagram.

In a videoconferencing on Tuesday, Zuckerberg, Sandberg and other Facebook leadershipped with the organizers of the boycott. For the relaxation of the situation, this obviously did not contribute – the creators of the boycott should have changed afterwards. It has only given words that Facebook was also unlimited, was not recognizable. The chairman of the Naacp, an organization that uses the right colored people spoke to the US station CNBC against the "same, old defenses". The conversation did not help.

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