If afghanistan fails after the deduction of nato combat troops final?

According to a report of the US supervisory herist, the number of soldiers has fallen by 8.5 percent, telepolis has infrated the consequences of the NATO mission for Bundeswehr and politicians

At the moment, the US is stronger in the fight against the Islamic state in Syria and Iraq is engaged in Afghanistan. While the combat use in Afghanistan was officially completed at the end of last year, even though US troops will continue to be supported by Afghan soldiers in attacks, American troops were re-stationed in Iraq. At the end of the war of war in Iraq, the then government official Al-Maliki, whose discriminatory policy had contributed to the Sunnis to their revolt and the spread of IS in Iraq, with the US government no agreement on the further deployment of soldiers with the US government. The key point was then that the US soldiers are not under the Iraqi jurisdiction.

The beginning of the Iraq war had already taken care of 2003 that Afghanistan fell from attention and could establish the Taliban and other armed groups again stronger again. Only the surge carried out in Afghanistan at the end of 2009 to 2012 after the role model in the early 2009 to 2012, but for some time has strengthened its activities and especially against "Soft Targets" in the city. Presumably, the spatuses have waited the trigger of the troops to begin in the spring as ualign with an offensive, which could be gross and became a danger of the previous one. Repeats the story, because multitasking is difficult with militar, politics and the media?

That a presumably dangerous sudden-year-six is imminent, one is also aware of the ISAF Success Emission Resolute Support. In addition, with the deduction of NATO combat troops, the struggle between the uprising and Afghan soldiers and safety faiths brought themselves, among which it has given correspondingly more dead and injured. Although the commander of the Afghanistan use, US General John Campbell means that the legitimacy of the Taliban-ended as Liberation cheaters could be undermined, but this was also allowed to explain why the number of Afghan soldiers decreases. They probably fear, as the situation in Afghanistan is unstable. Nobody will know if the new government will keep whether the Afghan army can keep the Taliban and other camphor in bridle, so that these can not control coarse areas, and whether the central state can prevail against the warlords and local rulers.

Does Afghanistan fails after the deduction of the NATO fighting troops final?

The primary task of Resolute Support is the training of Afghan safety force. Image: Resolute Support

Recently, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (Sigar) used by US Government has warned that the troops of Afghan dispute (ANA) shrinks (attrition). Instead of the 350.000 Afghan soldiers and policemen, which are currently allegedly duty according to the Bundeswehr, be it only 320.000, including just 860 women. Last year, more than 15.000 soldiers leave the service, which are 8.5 percent, so that the 2011 was reached again. The number of policemen also had fallen (the troops of the Afghan disputes shrinks). US General Campbell had snapped last week in his executions before the dispute committee that there is a high staffing rate. That already affects the fight readiness: "If the rate of the rate, there will be problems with the time of the structure of the disputes." The reason is above all poor leadership, high levels of use, bad management and poor care of the soldiers and police officers.

After the main objective of NATO Mission Resolute Support with gross involvement of Germany, which sets 850 soldiers, the further structure of the Afghan militar (Train, Advise, and Assist – TaA), the shrinking of the human resources of the Afghan safety force was not only the mission but to question the entire NATO mission and 13 years war. While it was first taken to eliminate Al-Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan and establish a democratic legal state in particular to strengthen the situation of women, but the claim was also reduced to the goal in view of the widespread corruption in the Islamic Republic, that the security fuel financed with many billion euros ensure the established state structures and can stabilize Afghanistan.

The Bundeswehr spokesman for the Afghanistan deployment asked Telepolis to answer the following questions: How does the Bundeswehr assess the Sigar report? Why does the number of soldiers rising that settle? There are worries about the "Performance" The Afghan safety force? What consequences does this have for Resolute Support and especially for the Bundeswehr? What intends to do the Bundeswehr to stop the trend if there is it? The Bundeswehr obviously does not see any reason for concern:

"In order to penetrate the topic complete, it is indispensable to them, as the cited concept "attrition" to understand. This is the entirety of the "unexpected", So due to unauthorized absence, unused, fallen, deceased, training non-existent, due to illness or wounding work-related staff, as well as the "plan" Personnel Schwundes, so also regular service time and retirement. Against this background, I can tell you that in the first eleven months of 2014, the monthly average nationwide headquarters of the Afghan Army and the Afghan National Police lay on a total comparable level as in the full year 2013.

One of the causes of the temporarily stronger rint of the actual strong of the Afghan Army in 2014 was, according to local knowledge, the rapendment of a regulation by the Afghan General Staff, after which the Afghan Army from 2012 to February 2014 was allowed to adjust 15% recruits over the above should. In the episode, the is strong of the Afghan army sank to October 2014. Since October 2014, the new hires as well as the actual strong of the Afghan army rose again. A trend reversal is recognizable.

Overall, the Afghan security faith is an attractive employer developer against the background of the stagnating economy and high unemployment in Afghanistan. Thus, the Afghan safety force remains still regeneration.

The Bundeswehr is involved in the mission "Resolute Support" in education, advice and support of the Afghan safety force on high levels of conduct as well as at national and institutional level. This will take you to the training, advice and support also with regard to regeneration, personnel management and fleet with a."

The argument that because of the high unemployment, so ultimately because of poverty, the people find jobs at the safety faith is certainly correct. However, this also means that 13 years of war have little at the country’s situation and that the opposing force from the Taliban can expect to be able to find the drug barons or warlords with it, willing coach against payment. The NATO, however, reported for January / February that currently existing personnel of 350.000 husband should not be reduced for 2015, for which more than $ 5.1 billion of US dollars will be applied. Lifter in the text is even from "More than 350.000" Man talking. In the long term, the strong staff should be at 228.500 man with a year-round budget of 4.1 billion US dollars are lowered.

More critical than the Bundeswehr sees the Greune Bundestag Members Agnieszka Brugger, spokeswoman for security policy and abruming, the situation:

The high degree of desertation in the Afghan dispute is very worrying and raises the question of how effective and sustainable international commitment is. The Ministry of Defense urgently needs to clear which concrete reasons the high rate of desires and what impact this development has on the Resolute Support Mission. In general, in training missions, the question of how gross the risk of abuse of the acquired skills, the equipment and knowledge is due to the trained safety force. In the worst case, training missions can be counterproductive despite good intention, if thereby unintentionally started milities or even the opposite side.

Therefore, a comprehensive approach is necessary, which is not only the aim of the training of safety powers, but also the whole security sector and in particular the strengthening of political control takes into the view. In addition, it is very important to know the structural structure and culture of the respective apprentices insistence and to consider accordingly. It is a gross mistake that previous training missions are hardly critically evaluated, because only so important teachings can be drawn for the future.

Agnieszka Brugger

In his opinion against Telepolis, the Defense Political Speaker of the CDU / CSU Group in the German Bundestag, Henning Otte, went to the possible problems of the mission "Resolute Support" not a:

With the end of 2014, the combat order of the Bundeswehr ended under the ISAF mission. Many improvements could be achieved in the past 13 years, but Afghanistan has a long way in front of him. Germany is also involved in Afghanistan. With the training mission "Resolute Support" Receive the Afghan disputes further education and advice.

The continuation of the structure of impact-elegant and well-trained Afghan safety faiths is indispensable for safety and the associated economic development of the country. Modern personnel management and fleet behavior of the same way to education, such as dealing with the weapon. Thus, Germany is targeted to better training and equipment and thus to the enforcement of Afghan disputes.

Henning Otte

Rainer Arnold, the Defense Political Speaker of the SPD parliamentary group, also only determined: "Personnel and material-ready Afghan dispute and police fees are an essential prerequisite for a peaceful and prosperous region at HinduKusch."

Members of the Left Party have preferred to do not comment.

The new US Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter had already explained in February during a visit to Afghanistan, to reflect on the speed of the troop deduction, the abrasion of the fights of combat and the duration of US stall points again. The 10 stationed in Afghanistan 10.600 soldiers should be 5 at the end of the year.500 are shut down.

Culture of impunity

But the 13-year Prasenz of NATO troops including other helpers from the West has changed virtually nothing to corruption – and that the Afghans also skeptically opposed the state stabilized by NATO stabilized by NATO because they exposed to a system of Willkur are, during the reign of Karzai, the involvement of Warlords under the eyes of NATO countries.

The human rights organization has in its report "Today WE Shall All the" On the basis of a crass of policemen, intelligence employees or security faiths, the hardest human rights violations such as mass extractions, torture, rape or volatile arrests in Afghanistan have not been punished in recent years.:

More than 13 years after the fall of the Taliban government, Afghanen continues to experience serious human rights violations through government and military and mitters. The taders are barely facilitated and the victims can rarely act legally against it. This impunity is based on the influence or non-wool of the Afghan government and its institutions, a finally militar, police and courts to combat the rulers and militias that operate in the coarse part of the country.


Despite the new government under Prasident Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah HRW warns that after the experiences the Afghan safety force after the deduction of most NATO troops continues to lift from cooperation with the warlords and other rulers. This became serious human rights violations and will undermine the promises of the allies. The government is asked to end the culture of impunity, while the supporter countries should bind their help to improvements in law enforcement.

Philipp Munch by the Foundation Science and Politics is definitely aming that Resolute Support will fail, especially since the new government, which consists of two camps, allowed corruption to continue to blame:

The safety faucets are represented by a political economy, which lies to peaks in particular on two aspects: on the one hand, their responsible persons to the funds are available, on the other hand they are directly embedded in the political patronage system Afghanistan. Significant parts of the livestock staff of all parts of the safety force, ie the Afghan National Army, the Afghan National Police and the Intelligence Service, defenses great amounts of supplies provided by international supports and other material. Also enrich yourself to the bars financed by donors of their partly only subordinates existing on the paper. All of this prove, for example, the regular reports of the US Afghanistan commitment invoice program, the Special Investigator General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (Sigar).

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