The USA in close-up

The end of the Cold War was certainly a blessing for humanity. But now she threatens to become the prey of decades of force, because the winner has redesigned his goals, even the unrestricted solidarity was allowed to have noticed now. The political, economic, geostrategic and cultural interests of the United States extend around the globe and will undoubtedly achieve a new dimension with regard to the totality of the hegemonial.

Under these circumstances, the rest of the world can not hurt, a look behind the scenes of the "Hyperpower" throw. Just the preserved Stefan Fuchs’ Absolutely readable compilation of nine interviews that were horn during the last few months in Germany. The series of prominent talkpellers ranges from Gore Vidal, Richard Sennett, and Joshua Meyrowitz Uber Dan Clawson, Eduardo Lourenco and Morris Berman to Benjamin R. Barber, Thomas Frank and Noam Chomsky. They illuminate from different perspectives to the inner state of the United States and come to a wide range of results with the term "catastrophic" were only inadequate.

Example Vidal: The historian who works on a kind of counter-history for official American historiography is firmly convinced that the United States "at high speed" Transforming into a police state, which is held together by corruption and handproof common interests:

"Viceprasident Dick Cheney and the Father of the Prasident, Bush Senior, have become rich by OL. Condoleezza Rice, the Prasident security advisor, worked for 5 years on the board of the Chevron Group. Your special area of responsibility there was the opinion of the Olfonts in Uzbekistan and Pakistan. It is in the history of the United States without any example that in this way a single interest group occupies all the important state owners without any resistance, however,."

This peculiar lethargy also states Richard Sennett in the economic life of America, which, despite its huge imbalances, does not tend to revolutionary breakouts, but millions of people a lot rather a feeling "Individual failure, personal inadequacy" generated. The consumer idea has started a triumphant triumphal train in this regard: "It’s not about having something specific to have a pleasure of pleasure. It’s about always acquiring new testimonies of one’s own consumerism."

At this ideological objective, the media also work with, unless they are accompanied by the vacuum or disappearance of important information. Joshua Meyrowitz farted in his opinion that the American mass media "Everything but democratically organized" And when veiling their actual equal switching, an absolute perfection have achieved: "It is clear that in an environment that is represented by countless advertising double pages, for example, the automotive industry, can not have critical reports on cars on cars. This, of course, does not mean that a negative test result of a particular model can not appear. What is not possible, are doubts about the car as a means of transport." That in advance of the 1. Gulf War 20 Critical newspaper articles nearly 4.200 contribute to the conclusion "Saddam Hussein equal to Adolf Hitler!" came, is also significant enough.

Dan Clawson sees the ominous development greeted that the tendency to the plutocracy has reached a high point in the past 25 years. For a seat in the representative hospital, the candidates must have an average of 840.000 dollars, for a place in the Senate even average 7.3 million dollars spend – with all the personal, economic and political interdisciplines, which are expressed in election campaia, election promise and election donations:

"In fact, you can not talk about two parties in the US, there is only one party that is the party of money dominated by the rich and the companies."

The influence of this party is extended to war and culture exports, the influence of this party is extended around the globe. Eduardo Lourenco describes one in American cultural life "River self-referential images that have neither the sphare of communication nor the asthetics, but only that of the consumption" and spread on the smallest common denominator Muhelos. Morris Berman believes that the American "Export" therefore such frictional paragraph, because it is directed towards immediate power supply and conveyed the consumer a ultimately infantile feel of security in a chaotic world.

During Benjamin R. BARBER now tries to find a way out of the irritant situation through extensive compromises between politics and business, burger and consumer, Thomas Frank sees the entire American community in a deep depression, because the polygried northernburger every belief in social justice, political changes and one foreseeable end of "unrestricted rule of companies" lost.

Noam Chomsky therefore speaks of one "completely deprocitated society", which override the decision monopoly of a more or less anonymous casket: "For example, a sixth of gross domestic product, over a trillion dollar, is spent every year for marketing, which is called for manipulation and behavioral control." The war against Iraq is therefore not only to be considered under economic and geostrategic considerations, but also a kind of domestic-political necessity:

"Not because of Saddam Hussein Atompilz Uber New York, but because in the next winter of the election campaign is already in full swing, and the Americans have to be in the right mood. Under no circumstances you can think about the pensions or health care."

The image that this book is designed by the current world location and the only remaining lead nation is printing, yes depressing. Nevertheless, nobody should be stopped by a constructive discussion with the instructive texts. Finally, the axis of the boses can be requested arbitrarily.

Stefan Fuchs (HG.): Hyper power. The USA in close-up, Edition Nautilus, 10.90 €

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