Hurray, the next bettrust has begun!

US Prasident Obama’s speech not only represents the start of a wettrust, but also a war recognition to others who should dare to take the same macers of cyberspionage and cyberware

Once again a historical chance was posted. The chance to find an agreement with new war tools, already an agreement on access to reuse. With the speech of the US Prassident Barack Obama on 17.01.In 2014, a new ARA of the rusts of the rust was opened (we are the good spies). Only this time the lack of a clear enemy picture the global society is the goal. With the assertion of inevitability of an omniscient monitoring system as a maaking to "National security" The US was given the start signal to the Cyberwar-Wettrust for all nations in the world.

Obama preaches uprung instead of the solution to the solution of global problems. This is not only the hope for a slightly less warrior world, but also the hope of the loose of the hunger problem and the detention of coarse parts of the world rack like sand between the fingers.

Instead of calling back and international agreements for restriction, the American prasident has decided to threaten. Who does not belong to the immediate friends, who did not realize what he said with it must set up to be electronically spied out electronically with all technical matters. Just as if the US had no economic problems, a new wettrust was officially started. A wettrust, which will give the legitimacy in addition to Autoriten states, not only the own burgers, but also the whole world in their Cyberspionage program.

Threat not only by NSA CO

The threat for the still free society does not only result from the latent surveillance state, which slowly, but certainly in the windshade of an arbitrarily interpretable "War against terrorism" Built, but from the fact that man or wife never wife, whom he is just spied out.

Obama explained to that "Special" to believe that the US accounts for. He also seems to believe that economic skills will be sufficient to spy on the whole world and to successfully set themselves against cyber espionage of the whole world. However, it has to be said that the US reserves reserves to answer a cyber attack with real weapons. Therefore, the speech of the 17. January 2014 not only the start of a bass trust, but also a war recognition to others that should take it to take the same measures themselves.

This is the reason why this speech was a cancellation of conventional and nuclear absorption. For forced to Cyberspionage, all the Landers will now prepare to be able to answer a hit with conventional weapons.

Scare the conflicts instead of cooperation

If the US government explains that even hackers who attack the US, legitimate target of military actions can be (which begins cyberspace’s bettrust), the employees of the NSA and other services must, that they are now also, as well Civilians, legitimate goal of striking by those who spy on them. Even an expert group of the NATO Group has with the Tallinn Manual "Manual of international law for Cyber war driving" developed, after which it should also be lever marked, to answer cyber attacks with real weapons.

This increases the tensions in the world. Once again, a chance has been promoted to introduce international rusts control agreements. As with the calling with drones and soon with full-autonomous combat systems, the US is backwards backwards in the uppers.

Normal people between the fronts

If you think a step further, every Internet user can now be used as a combatant and legitimate goal of cyberspionage and cyberware. Only that the protection of the Geneva Convention is missing, because he does not wear his weapons open and is not distinguishable from civilians. This is the logical continuation of the speech of Obama. And what is legitimate for the USA can not be illegitimate for other states. D.H. Every person in this global society is suddenly the focus of all made this world as a legitimate goal of research, espionage and assassination, should he be considered as a threat in cyberware.

The logical conclusion is that people are now entitled and prompted to step up to self-defense. Companies are wearing, and some developments of the liberation have taken hundreds of years. Because there were always profiteers of vacuum and in freedom. Also due to the temptations of the beautiful colorful consumer world, it will probably only be a small part of active ones, which initially draw their consequences. But you should prepare for it to come to a rough move sometime. Then if people become aware of what the speech of Obama has been exposing, the public opinion can quickly others and a demand tunami after protection against this new threat arise. In contrast, the construction of atomic bunkers will appear slightly low during the Cold War.

Monitoring State Versus Alwake Society

Maybe the term must "surveillance state" be redefined. Because we live in the age of global monitoring. Instead of monitoring State, it had to be in 21. century "surveillance company" make. Through the speech Obamas, a lock is influenced, the state espionage unlimited and limitlessly legitimized. And who spies that uses the data.

The next logical tiny step is the manipulation of data. And who abbathed this as a desire theory, should tell me which war of the last 40 years did not be based on false information or. was legitimized with folded information.

The breakthrough for darknets

The speech Obamas should be the starting signal for all activists in the world to decouple through closed networks from the Internet. The knowledge of DearKnets must be massively spread by Cyber activists, and manufacture drawer solutions must also be available to those that are not as nerds on the net. In this sense, the concept presented in the article of pragmatic resistance against NSA and Co is a beginning. But he has to take activities from the whole network community, regardless of political attitudes, follow. This self-defense is not about right or left, is not about nationalities. This is about the members of the global society and their right to informational and general self-determination.

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