Again and again, women are killed because they do not live as they imagine their manual family-toilies

In Koln, a conference on the subject of honorary murder takes place today. Critics of the political Islam and women’s rights officers from various countries are discussing the social phenomena of the actual motif "honor". A year ago, in Berlin Hatun Surucu was murdered by her brother, a crime that caused a lot of attention and leading to a wide public debate on values.

To the conference, the bundnis "’Never forget Hatun’ campaign against honorary murder", supported by Terre des Femmes, Women’s Liberation-Iran, No Shari’a – International Campain Against Shari’a Court in Canada and the international committee against stoning.

At least 5,000 young girls and women die every year as a victim of the death sentences, which fails and enforced due to a cultural honorary code in families. This established a report of the United Nations (UNFPA State of World Population 2000), but the dark figure was allowed to be a multiple high as most honorary murder never be punished by a court.


On Monday, the 7. February 2005 shot of the 19-yearly Ayhan Surucu His 23-year sister Hatun in the Berlin district of Tempelhof. He confessed that did his brother contrary to every participation (honorary murder process: the youngest confesses). All three brother sit in custody, because the court suspects a murder jointly agreed in the family to restore the "family later".

The main patient tool Melek A. , The ex-girlfriend of the youngest brother, lives in a witness protection program (Crown tool Melek A.: Murder should not stay unsounded). The process is still running, the verdict will be spoken at the end of Marz (death penalty for a life).

Honor, shame and dune

Hatun Surucu had to die because she wanted to live as well as other young German women. The German Curdess, which grew up in Berlin, was compulsory from her family with a cousin in Turkey. She fled with her son from marriage, came back to Berlin, put off the headscarf, lived in his own apartment and completed an electrician. Shortly before her journeyman she was shot dead from her brother.

The fact aroused the publicity very much, especially since many youthful tentic of Turkish origin from Berlin were loudly, which were the honorary murder and showed understanding for the tatter. In response, a postcard action started under the motto "Honor is to fight for the freedom of my sister!" For their commitment, the pictures pictured was a prize for civil courage, but also negative reactions from their direct environment (Saithan Sinan: campaign against honorary murder and violence)

In Germany, the number of honorary mords is particularly high and it’s the highest time that the other. The campaign against Honor Mord explains:

We do not live in the Middle Ages! It is a shame for humanity in the 21. Century, when women and girls are murdered, just because they want to election their partners themselves or have a reluctant and advanced idea of their fundamental rights. This shaded spot on the forehead of humanity must be eliminated a for all times through broad protests and the eradication of his causes.

from Crime on behalf of the honor If girls or women are killed because they have brought their husband or family to their husband or family due to a cultural honorary code. This is called by their behavior, they have violated social rules and in the eyes of their religious, or. the respective patriarchal society, this shandy can only be redeemed by being released or even murdered.

Honor’s Morde are the most violent excess of patriarchal cultures in which women are not granted independence, they are not really responsible for doing, but their father, brother or manner bear the responsibility – and thus the "duty" of control and punishment. The moral "offense" of the woman is thus automatically the passing off of her manual relief, whose duty is then to shame on them shame. Everyone stack of a woman stains the "honor" in this type of thinking system at least one man.


Totungsblikte are only the top of the iceberg, because the "control" of women are often contained in every form. Honor mords are often due to restrictive sexual standards, Z.B. The prohibition of preventive sexual contacts. Honorords are not based on religious rules, although this is often claimed and religious reasons are called justification. In fact, they are very old traditional legislation that has already existed long before Christianity or Islam. Today, they are mainly in Islamic countries a common phanomena. Particularly danger to become victims of a murder with actual honor, women are in Pakistan, Jordan, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. Ehremorde is also available in Brazil, Italy, Ecuador and India. In addition, the murders of young migrants from corresponding routes of origin are all over the world.

In migration, the social printing, rules and standards of the country of origin is often strengthened to lose their own cultural identity. Families are trying to protect on traditions and values of the old homeland. The reality of society to which they have been drawn up, they often find them as confusing and threatening, especially if values collide. This is pushing the prere on Madchen and young women. An example of this is the fact that many young German turks wear headscaries, although their female relatives in Turkey do not do that.

There is currently a strong tendency of "Islamization" among the migrants in Germany. The initiators of the campaign against honorary mords in Germany explain:

The increase in the honorary murder is directly related to the strengthening of Islamic currents and its trainless interference in the life of women and girls, with the discrimination and vacuum of women and the official wedding of gender-type. (…) Meanwhile, there is a strong and dense network of Islamic currents in Germany that propagate the gender appletheid and even benefit from state subsidies. This network is to disseminate the most respective and women’s antiest ideas, and to organize dangerous terrorist cells for the murder of women in Germany. Is difficult to understand this simple fact that behind each honor murder is an active network of corane schools, mosques and propagandists of women’s kneadiness, which transport their views as’ other cultures’ and, multiculturalism ‘into society?".

The demands of the campaign are clear and focus on Islam, or. Its long women’s tiny design as it is often practiced today:

In order to defend the universal nitat of the humanitarian rights and the rights of women in the family and in the countries infected by Islam, in order to ward off the attacks of political Islam on the most basic and self-reliable principles of human coexistence and to keep sacularism up,

  1. We demand the schedule of sufficient broadcasting time in the media, so that a fundamental discussion takes place on the causes of the honorary murder, and an open and relentless critique of reactionar women’s anti-feasting settings and cultures is expressed. We urge the ban of religious and Islamic schools, and the immediate breaking of the Koran Schools for children in Germany.
  2. Demand the ban on Islamic foreclosure of children under the age of 18 in Germany.
  3. Demand the attitude of any subsidization of the mosques and religious and Islamic centers in Germany.
  4. we urge the sufficient funding of the centers, which are used for the women and girls haunted by honorary murder, and provide them protection.

These demands collect women who know from their own real-life reality how much Islam is used to underpress them. The burstings are self-Muslimas, many come from Iran. Their explanation is reminiscent of the provocative theses of the Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali ("I do not want to become a Martyrin") who has to live under police protection because, above all, the women’s antiquity of Islam ever brought again. She wrote the script to the short film Submission (submission), which then the filmmaker Theo Van Gogh turned. The Islamist who required him relieves a letter at the body, which is threatened, among other things: "Ayaan Hirsi Ali: You thrown a boomerang with your hostilities against Islam. You turn that boomerang will back to you." Only logical that Ayaan Hirsi Ali comes to the conference after Koln and there also the film Submission will be shown.

Since 2004 the campaign is running "No to crime on behalf of the honor" The organization Terre des Femmes, which carried out a symposium with international experts on the topic last year (symposium "Crime on behalf of the honor"To). A wide-based state campaign should be drawn attention to the fact that Honorary Morde will also be refurbished in Germany and that it is no longer allowed to be silent. For much too long, they were disconnected as an insickter and often cultural understanding for these crimes are articulated.

As part of the campaign "No to crime on behalf of the honor" Calls for Terre des Femmes:

  1. A nationwide survey on forms and emissions of crimes in the name of the honor.
  2. The creation of anonymous protective equipment for migrants, as well as special counseling centers.
  3. Multiplier training for school, youth welfare office and police.
  4. the establishment of a nationwide integration point as a central start-up and mediation instance.
  5. Improvement of existing integration measures.
  6. International respect for honor-related crimes, as well as the abolition of national laws that treat such criminals.
  7. The support of national organizations abroad, who fight against crimes on behalf of the honor.
  8. The creation and support of women’s homes and advice centers for affected women in the respective countries."

Literature tips Horror, edited by Terre of the Femmes, Series Series No to Violence on Women, Tubingen 2004, 9.90 Euro

Hanife Gashi, my pain carries your name. An honorary murder in Germany, Reinbek Rowohlt 2005, 7.90 euros

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