Hong kong sanctions and a sealand entitlement

Hong Kong sanctions and a sealand entitlement

Bankings in Hong Kong. Photo: Iqremix. License: CC by 2.0

The ratio between the US and China continues to deteriorate

So far, persons and products from Hong Kong during entry and import into the USA historically caused a slightly better legal status than people and were from the rest of China. This unequal treatment has ended US Prasident Donald Trump yesterday with the granting that China no longer ensures the autonomy of the special economic zone on a scope that was justified. Now that manufacturers and travelers have to be on the former British lease area on higher accurate, sharp import controls and stricter visa requirements.

In addition, Trump signed yesterday a sanction law previously unanimously adopted by the Congress that a disapproval of Chinese politics in Hong Kong expresses. This law should force not only American but also foreign banks to refrain from business with partners, which from the point of view of US administration "Repression" in the "fragrant harbor" participate. In addition, an entry lock and the freezing of missed.

Pompeo: "Bullying campaign" against neighboring countries

Already on Monday, US – Minister Mike Pompeo had in a public opinion "Beijing is entitled to areas in the coarse part of the Sudchinese sea" explained for illegitim. Chinese measures to enforce this claim as "Bullying campaign" and said the USA "China Do not allow to look at the Sudchinese sea as its empire on the high seas".

The disputes that Pompeo responded to the areas concern the Spratly and the Paracel Islands. The Spratly Islands consist of a total of about 100 mostly very small, but over a relatively coarse waterflow scattered land surveys in the Sudchinese sea. The biggest of them, Taiping Dao, includes just 0.5 square kilometers. Nevertheless, six states argue about these reefs and atoll: China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines. The interest results on the one hand from the role of the islands for control over the shipping and on the other of ol- and gas deposits that could store under water.

"Freedom of Navigation Operations"

With the exception of Brunei, all these made to the islands for troops and built structural facilities such as tailways: the Philippines in the northeast of the islands Thivility, Likas, Parola, Lawak and Kota, Malaysia on Layang Layang and some reefs in the Southeast and Taiwan on Taiping Dao and the Zhongzhou reef in the north. Vietnam and China entertain several stall points over the entire island area. Both states are also arguing around the Northern the Spratlys Paracel Islands (cf. Vietnamese Towns Chinese factories on). Because of this Chinese-Vietnamese marine stress quantities, it came together in the past several militaries together (cf). Threatengebardemanovers Chinese and Vietnamese ships).

Since 2015, the US has drove so-called "Freedom of Navigation Operations" (FONOPS), where they pass with destroying the ARleigh-Burke class about every three months relatively close to such islands. At the beginning of July 2020, an American Marinemanover took place in the Sudchinese sea, in which two aircraft carrier participation (cf. What brides yourself in the Sudchinese sea?To).

Special problem Taiwan

In at least two of the states that arose with China for islands and marine areas, Pompeos came well: The Malaysian government pointed out in this context that ships of the Chinese Kustenwache and the Navy of the People’s Republic between 2016 and 2019 in a total of 89 times in Behassers have been spotted, which claimed the Islamic Konigreich for themselves. And the Filipino Defense Minister Delfin Lorenzana reminded of a four-year-old judgment of the Stand Archeshof in The Hague, which challenged Chinese to the Nine Dash area for incompatible with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos).

Rather skeptically, on the other hand, the Taiwanese swivy officer Joanne Ou. She asked particularly, "Whether the United States also have the willingness to follow the words corresponding deeds and to noise the claim of the institutions". Your country is located in a different position as Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Brunei. The up to 17. Century Fine from Austronesian natives populated island, which had declined the Chinese Empire in 1683 the Netherlands, was in 1949 for the jerking area of the National Chinese Kuomintang Party.

The built there in competition to communist mainlandchina one "Republic of China", which was recognized in the 1950s and 1960s by the US and most other Western countries as official political representation of China. Only in the 1970s was a reversal under Richard Nixon, the Jimmy Carter completed in 1979 with the official recognition of the People’s Republic as the Legal Success of the Chinese Empire. Beijing therefore sees Taiwan as part of China as Taipei.

As the US recognized the People’s Republic as the successor of the Empire, as goodbye to their congress also said goodbye to a Taiwan Relations Act, which should ensure that the island "with weapons defensive character" is supplied. As part of this commitment, Washington approved a $ 620 million heavy order at Lockheed Martin last week, modernizing the Taiwanese patriot air defense system. In Beijing, this was so bad that one announced sanctions against the American rusts. These sanctions are now being expanded to extend counterparts against the Hong Kong sanctions, but the Chinese Ministry of Aufs left openly "Persons and facilities in the USA" These are concretely concerned.

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