Stuttgart, 12. July 2013 – what can not be spent to spent to achieve reasonable music playback in the car. So far, a problem remained unused: unlike a home situation, it is not possible in the car to produce an authentic spatial impression. The classic "stereo-triangle" can not be accomplished in a car, responsible are the completely different Horwinkel and abdomen to the speakers. The Fraunhofer IIS has an interesting solution to offer. The amazing thing: the stereo signal can be elicited a lot of information about the third room dimension.

Spectacular authentic

It is one of the central development tasks of the OEMs to make the car more attractive as a "habitat" – including high-quality music playback. You are increasingly bringing renowned hi-fi specialists providers with the boat, Audi works with the Danish supplier BangOlufsen (BO) together. At the beginning of 2013, the two companies presented a novel "3D audio" system on the CES in Las Vegas. Third in the bundle was the Fraunhofer IIS, which combine many with the development of the MP3 standard. 3D audio is based on a new Fraunhofer development called "Symphoria". The psychoacoustic procedure was able to provide a qualitative thrust at Car Hifi, because it comes with normal stereo signals and requires hardly any additional hardware. Audi, known anyway for high-quality music playback, ames the role of the pioneer during market import.

Symphoria should make the sound experience in the car more spectacular and more authentic. That sounds roughly opposed, but it is not in practice, as a visit to Audi in Ingolstadt showed. The system, installed in a Q7, actually ensures a chunky room impression. In front of the inmates, almost an acoustic bean is built up, the presentation hikes slightly up and the front, the sound of the sound is subjectively significantly better off the speakers.

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