Heads up, “generation head-down”!

You may be the elite of evolution

If new media drove to new usage and behaviors, they are likely to be considered negative and harmful – the new power fear and stort the existing order. There are no occupied sources, but we can ame that the first primates raised and upright went up from their contemporaries also for "Freaks" And in the outdoor manager were kept – today we call that "evolution".

Granted: The renewed foresight thanks to the upright gait was certainly one of the many markers for the positive selection in development to modern man. And now the lowering look in the near area should rank the same role in the SMART-DEVICE?

It may not be obvious, but it can not be excluded. Finally, the environmental conditions have also changed: the risk of the sabel tooth tiger jumped or crumpled by the mammoth is lower nowadays. We were able to be approached by a car on our path-lowered head – but that will also be watched "smarter", Recognizes us or our usage apparatus and brakes the art of alone. So we no longer need our raised head for danger or food. On the contrary: To look at the showcases and expenses and get the TK pizza from the chest, it is advantageous to lower the look.

Heads up,'generation head-down'!

"The Vitruvian man", Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. Picture Uploaded by Lviatour / Common-free

But Evolution is not that easy either. Undisputed is a central component of the incarnation whose upright gear: the field of view changed, the anatomy changed, the social behavior changed, the sexuality changed. It had benefits to releases the arms that now use tools and even build and were able to transport food. Who stands upright, can also strike more powerful – but this is probably only randaspect.

As a matter of interest are more profound – so if it is under the "Greeting line" This is how someone writes in a comment on the contributor about the Prugely theory that the man has raised himself "could take the female better to the breasts".

Heads up,'generation head-down'!

Generation head-down. Image: Michele Ursino / CC-BY-2.0

Sometimes it is actually as easy as it was commented in the joke. A theory says that the man could present his genitals better in the upright walk (maybe it used the free arms to show it). Another aims at the changed use: "Due to the position change of the basin, due to the upright gear, the birth channel and the external gender organs of the woman moved forward and the crap that is responsible for maintaining the body, emerged. Probably both changes in the fact that sexual intercourse fell into one position in which both partners could turn to faces, there was a feeling of affection."

But not only the act, but also the arter attitude played a role. Owen Lovejoy – The researcher with the matching surname – postulated, "that for the first hominids the two-leggedness – and a changed social behavior – the way out of the sexual dead end was". The primitive human emancipated by the natural pairing cycles, together in common "At home" Supply because he could bring food.

Upright, man was raised to the main "Crown of chopping". With the digital revolution, however, it seems downhill again with him – at least in terms of viewing and its corporate attitude.

It is neither new nor reprehensible view and thus keeping the head lowered. It was the same – internationally – around the "Assessment of reverence (the other opposite) or as gesture of grief or devotion". It is even more importantly recommended and in the Regula Benedicti of the Benedict of Nursia from 529 in 7. section "Humility" In the no. 63 for the Benedictine Monk set: "That’s how the worship, oratorio, in the monastery, in the garden, on the way, on the field where he sits, goes or stands, he keeps his main always inclined and lowered the eyes to the ground."

Where remained the "Benedictine neck"?

Actually, therefore, for a good 1500 years of the "Benedictine neck" be known as medical phenomena. But he is not. This can actually only mean that only a few moncha is strictly adhered to this rule of the religious reason, because those who have two to four hours daily down the head, must calculate with massive attitude damage: he threatens the escaped "Smartphone neck"! Benedictines alone have almost two hours of worship daily and all the other places and times in which the moncha keep the head lowered, are not considered yet.

Now monks are probably not the best reference due to the zolibate, when it comes to evolutionar important inheritance of mutations – in the monastery is not classic "grained". The study that the risks of "Smartphone Nack" Forecast, is also based on no empirical evidence, but is simply a mathematical construct of tensile and effects, which occur with gradually graduated headstocks. The short report by Kenneth K. Hansraj was pretty popular in Spatherbst 2014 and was picked up in many online portals. This underscores the theses of held-related life aid in book form, the "Dr. Ken" sells his website.

Heads up,'generation head-down'!

"Dr. Ken" Calculates the "Smart phone neck". Off: Spin Study

Now the staple look at the phone was not only Urhoflich, but also unhealthy and criticism thus medical "gently". For the unthawfulness, only a year ago had the concept of "Phubbing" Established: The 23-year Australian Alex Haigh started the internationally noted online campaign "stopphubbing" – So one made the openness at least believing. Behind a promotional campaign for a word book, for which this hip Kunstwort was invented extra. This Hax worked as a staged emport as well as it fell on fertile ground and serviced expectations and hopes of certain target groups.

Similarly, it behaves with the "Smartphone"-Neck: He was not in "wild" observed, paid and measured, but under "Laboratory conditions" constructed. But many serves as a warning, because they are looking for the reason to warn. And if no attitude damage threatens, we threaten to miss our lives: so the statement of the millions of times called YouTube video "Look up!" of the British filmmaker Gary Turk, to which the "image" notes: "Turk itself disseminates his Embassy about those social networks that he criticizes violently."

The same "image" but let scientists have to speak, which point to that new media has always been criticized for their harmful effects – the font, the book, the phone, the TV. Before you will be able to admire this overmaking balance, it should be noted that the same media scientists in a series of comparable articles with the same quotes have to speak, which suggests that they were already in the underlying agency registration.

Heads up,'generation head-down'!

"Look up!" – The YouTube racer of Gary Turk

The origin of the term of "Generation head-down" By contrast, traces of traces: the "world" Ames him in a contribution of the BBC and refers to a contribution of the "Guardian". How far he will prevail and whether he remains so negative, how he was created, will show herself.

That certainly depends on which branch is looking for the evolution: it continues everything but straightforward, so that a crummer humpback was allowed. The upright gait was rather in "Trial and Error"-Principle found. There is "First document for the fact that there were phases in human development in which different models of upright walk competes with each other until the evolution determined on our current corridor".

Although it is certainly meant ironic, the Suddogene newspaper asks about the "Smartphone neck": "Who actually says that the upright gear should already be reached the end of our evolutionaries transformation?" Be justified "the human body on an opportunistic way beggar" [ibid.].

"Ancestors, vertices, why do you have so rough eyes?"

Also in the field of view there was a wide variety of pasting, which will love us to modern people. Thus, the jerking of the nose was central and the reduction of the eyes may have played an important role. "A special development, was that of the room see. The eyes have moved into the field of view with the backbiting of the nose, and are so smucked at each other. Thus, the brain was fed to a doubt image of the environment, as the visual fields of the eyes converged. However, this double image is also slightly shifted, so there is a room and three-dimensional image concluded with the distances between different things."

The eyes not only changed their position, but also decreased too: "British scientists suspect that the Neanderthal are extinct because their eyes and body were coarse than that of modern man. Therefore, there have been too little brain capacity for important social skills."

Central than the question of visible evolutionaries expressed by the use of smartphones such as the formation of a second thumb or high mobility, the mental changes in a networked world are. What the one as "Digital dementia"1 refers to MOGEN, is the change in thinking in which the brain becomes primarily reference memory so a coarse link machine with its own order criteria. If you no longer have to remember everything from his everyday life, you may have capacity to find solutions for other questions. Just as the nobility could turn to the praise art in the Middle Ages, because he did not have to live in the mouth around the day’s survival.

But this discussion is a very own topic. Conclusion remains: So there is no reason as "Generation head-down" to leave the head hung – the time will show if you can look back in the future.

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