Hamas demands the opening of the boundaries gaza

From Israeli government circles it is called that the time is not ripe for a ceasefire

From space viewed, the war in Gaza is above all sad. The German Astronaut Alexander Gerst, who coincides with his colleagues on the ISS, the Earth in Grober High "sadtest photo": Explosions and missiles in the night sky of Gaza. Low away from flashing cameras, the statesman and bosses had their defile. US Aufemister Kerry spoke after the meeting with UN General Secretar Ban Ki Moo of "hard work", "Some steps waiting for", without going into detail, and "a lot of work that is still to do". The rooms are tight down there.

Egypt’s Prasident As-Sisy has held a speech to the nation, talked about the anniversary of the revolution of 1952 and praised the commitment of Egyptens for the palatinian cause. 100.000 Martyrs have already sacrificed his country for the Palastinians, with much economic power, and now one has a really good ceasefire offer, "without conditions".

The rulers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar had also met to discuss peace opportunities. The Russian Prasident Putin offered yesterday evening at a telephone conversation with the Israeli Minister President Netanyahu as a mediator between Israel and Hamas (9:15 p.M). The online edition of the Egyptian Sational Terman Al-Ahram was yesterday full of interviews with the views of various representatives of palastic fractions to a ceasefire.

And then, for the first time since the beginning of the war in Gaza, the Hamas Politburochef Khaled Meshaal said publicly. For all those who are looking for drabs and are interested in that the sad pictures stopped, he had the same embassy as Israeli representatives: the time is "not yet ripe" For a ceasefire agreement. The war continues.

Both crispies, Hamas and the Israeli government remain convinced that militar resources still bring more benefits than a ceasefire under conditions they are not ready to accept. What As Sisy in his typical pathetic exchanging and glare rhetoric a weapons arrival initiative "without conditions" Called, de facto has a decisive point to the prerequisite that neither Hamas guidance nor representatives of Islamic Jihad want to accept: that there are only a curtain rest and then negotiated the conditions for a long-term ceasefire.

Israel, however, is on this sequence. The missile bombardment should be stopped, so that the will will be recognizable to the attitude of the wary intentions. Hamas fears that but then no longer has a prere medement to enforce their demands in the Israeli government. Once the normal state is achieved, the Israeli government is the advantage of the rhyme, which is based on the Hamas and the Militarian Hardliner in the Gaza Strip from the experiences of recent years, in which no negotiation results were achieved with Israeli governments, which one could carry home.

The Fatah goods there are later, the guided was unlikely to engage in the condition, first curve, then the negotiations. But the momentum is just at Hamas. Nobody had expected that Hamas can withstand the Israeli militar use for so long.

In addition, she has told more Israeli soldiers than the wars previously. The Hamas Campers seem to be better trained and tactically skilled than in the conflict previously reports the CNN reporter Ben Wedeman from Gaza.

Khaled Meshaal, who stays in Doha and thus can distance themselves more easily from the gray, from the 700-tote palasticians and destruction, from "Price of resistance", As a general confident that you can keep this fight even more long. He looks at the price that Israel has to pay:

What is the price to pay? How Many Israeli Soldiers Israel Willing To Lake Dead Before The Siege is Lifted?

This is also the Demand, which accounts for the main obstacle in the mediation attempts: that not only Egypt, but above all Israel the boundaries to the Gaza Strip, in the words of Hamas, "that Israel finishes the crew". Thus, from the Israeli point of view, security ies are committed, which one can not recognize well from space.

With confidence that is noticing for a solution of these questions, it is not to be expected on both sides, but the prere is growing. The horrible images of the getoten families due to the Israeli attacks do not only harm Israel, but with time of Hamas guided. And they also harm as-sisy, who is also not ready to open the boundaries to Gaza.

The fact that the negotiations enveloped in more than more physical mediation at results was also due to the fact that one could pay for the connections of the Muslim Brother. That the Egyptian Militar Guide has explained the MB to the terrorist association, not to the Arger of the Israeli government, could become Bumerang. It is allegedly informed about Al-Jazeera in Egypt.

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