Hackers can transform a pc into a bomb

From now on, it is called to be careful ….

The people are imaginative, which is concerned with the writing of false messages. However, there are already extensive collections from the genre of false computer messages that are repeatedly circulating on the internet and the opportunities have already failed largely, so that hardly any innovations arise. So new is not what Weekly World News reports, but at least not without creative energy: "Hackers can turn their PC into a bomb."

In the US, a message to all mobile users made the round in the US. If you give a call and on the mobile phone display "Unavailable" Appears, you should either accept the call or stop quickly because otherwise you will be infected by a virus, which gives all IMSI information from the mobile phone and the SIM card. Particularly scary is always when the viruses are to be used on the hardware. So had the breeding "Good Times"-Virus almost magical properties. He should be transferred by emails, and if you only with the subject line "Good Times" Reads, the entire hard drive is deleted or even the processor destroyed.

Here is Some Important Information. Beware of A File Called Goodtimes. Happy Chanukah Everyone, and be careful out there. There is a virus on America online Being Sent by e-mail. IF You Get Anything Called "Good Times", Do not read it or download it. It Is A Virus That Will Erase Your Hard Drive. Forward This to All Your Friends. It may help them a lot.

Standard Hoax text

Weekly World News, specializing in spectacular and similar, albeit rarely true, in it but very imaginative (s. a. Extention of the devil from the computer, has allegedly talked to a computer expert called Arnold Yabenson, who should be the prasident of an ominous National Cybercrime Prevention Foundation (NCPF). He should have warned that we have so far only the "tip of the iceberg" have seen what computer crime. What the DDOs attackers have carried out on the websites of Yahoo or Ebay is nothing compared to what only comes to us. Even now computer hackers had the possibility to transform a computer into a bomb and send the user into the sky, which will make them many of thousands of kilometers removal.

"There are drugs brilliant, but extraneous hackers who have developed technologies that can not even imagine an average person." Even the experts are overwhelmed: "It is already possible for an attestation to send someone an email with a unobnactive-looking attachment. When the receiver downloads the attachment, the electrical voltage and the molecular structure of the central arithmetic unit (CPU) is changed, whereby it is blown up like a rough grenade." Nobody should surprise that, just the next step in the permanent progress of hackers, the "Dangerous sociopaths", developed horror. As well as intelligence services always warn, the destroying techniques are used at the time "Terrorist sects and fanatic religious groups" sold.

And the places still worse with it: "Instead of turning only a single aircraft into the air, these groups will penetrate into the central computer of a coarse airline and at the same time can explode hundreds of aircraft." If then these email bombs are still available to everyone, it will be quite funny: "Everyone who lies in a dispute with them or simply does not like how they look like them can never be recognized as a tatter."

So we go towards bad times. So it’s best to stay away from all computers and, above all, before the Internet. At least the US Army with and warned that hackers could probably also check tanks or warships over the Internet (the American army premiered a new dimension of the Infowar). Maybe you have already to go there for the pleasurable sport of HAAX reports.

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