Munchen, 19. June 2015 – after the triumph of the Porsche Motorsport team in Le Mans, all – from the worker on the band to branded chief Matthias Muller – so much roared, it goes back to the day’s work. The integration of Porsches in the Volkswagen Group continues progress and unlike other VW brands votes here, image and sales – corresponding expectations loads on the brand. To stay as successful, the company is also facing sporting gymnastics – between purism and consumption regulations on the one hand as well as design and function on the other.

Two SUV and a sedan as a sucking of success

In 2014 there was almost 190.000 Sold Porsche models a new record. At the middle of the year, it is no secret that 2015 will again be a new record year. The middle-class SUV Macan is already causing the handlers to be torn from the hands. The smaller engine variants with four cylinders or plug-in technology are still in the drawer. The Macan is a self-run and the gradual increase in production capacity offers the Swabians always new possibilities. Also, the larger brother Cayenne runs magnificently and even the polarizing Panamera has its share of the excellent Porsche numbers.

At the sports car, it looks good, but not through rosy. For about a year grossing and Mosern the fans in the established sports car and Porscheforen, that now also the Zuffenhausen in their sports cars on turbomotors. The developers from Weissach do not make a rough secret that the donation to turbo engineering is no love marriage marriage. But unlike turbomotors, effectively optimized for the various global consumption cycles, the stringent consumption rules (because of comparability with other fuels measured at CO2 emission) in Europe, Asia and the USA can no longer comply with the medium term. Was the Turbo technology since the mid-70s athletic crowning the 911 range with up last considerably more than 500 hp, so it goes in wide use in the Boxer models now not primarily a performance increase, but lower consumptions in for the consumption cycles such an important part load operation.

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