Guest at the bmw 1 series m coupe safety car

Guest at the bmw 1 series m coupe safety car

Doha (Qatar), 23. Marz 2011 – The approximately 5.4-kilometer stretch band looks like a huge woman’s slough "M". That fits well with the BMW 1 Series Coupe Safety Car. Here at the Qatar Losail International Circuit, Bayern introduce their over-1. We were there and now know more about the car, the future of BMW M, the country Qatar, the MotoGP series and over the motorcycle racing.

From gas becomes money

Qatar is an emirate at the Persian Gulf – there is a land connection only to Saudi Arabia. In the north of the peninsula former country, the reason for the boom, which this small state has laid down in recent years: natural gas. According to Russia and Iran, one has the third grave natural gas reserves of the world, and some experts believe that this treasure is still a longer than 500 years. The oil reserves should range more than 100 years. The revenue resulting from the sale of raw materials could invest in Qatar Klug. So the Qatar Investment Authority is standing up to long-term company participations. Finally, the Arabians hold shares in Porsche and are third-grounded shareholders at VW. And there is not much going on in the desert, the government is also worried about sporting pleasures: not only the MotoGP series looks past Qatar. The Fubball World Cup 2022 is also held here – in air-conditioned stadiums and yet to horror many Fubball experts. Finally, the temperatures in the summer of 2010 rose up to 60 degrees Celsius at high humidity – but does not exist here.

"Impossible is nothing "

We are in the top showrooms of Alfardan Automobile in Katar’s capital Doha. The Alfardan Group has committed itself to trade with vehicles of upscale classes. You have BMWS as well as offering, for example, dare of Jaguar, Maserati or Rolls-Royce. In addition, the Alfardan family deals with high-class jewelry and expensive watches – and you build islands. The artificial peninsula "The Pearl" Located in front of Doha and was built in a place where sooner was an island. The flat water and the use of granite should give the building more substance than other island projects in the region. 45.000 Apartments are created on the area – and a small worm process is unsuccessful. Nine mini islands with private marina and two private beaches each fades on a dun strain thread from the main island. Prices? Owner? No comment – These exclusive properties are reserved for the ruling family of Qatar. We notice one very fast here: the saying "It does not work" Here is an absolute no-go. Gigantic projects are also fearlessly implemented – through work around the clock and with ments of money. In 2011, Qatar will have the highest per capita income of the world and thus replace Luxembourg as a previous leader.

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